Fantastic DBS Card Deals: S$388 or 85,000 Miles For New Cardholders; S$150 or 40,000 Miles For Existing

DBS is currently offering very solid welcome offers for their credit cards: get an all-time high S$388 cashback reward for DBS yuu or 85,000 miles for DBS Vantage. Existing cardholder promos are rare these days, but the bank are not leaving out this segment of customers who can get as much as S$150 cashback and/or 40,000 miles.

💳 A new DBS/POSB cardholder refers to those who do not currently have a principal credit card with DBS or POSB, and have not cancelled any in the past 12 months. Refer to the terms and conditions for exact requirements.

DBS yuu: all-time high S$388 cashback welcome offer for new cardholders, S$60 for existing

S$388 is not only the all-time highest cashback reward we’ve seen for a DBS credit card promo, but it is also given on what is arguably the best cashback card we’ve had past or present. I’ve talked about DBS yuu a lot in the past year and rightfully so since it gives a staggeringly high rebate of 17.5% and it is pretty easy to use, making it an easy pick for Cashback Card of the Year 2023.

The S$800 minimum spend within 60 days should be easy enough to reach. I personally max the S$600 spend each month to get maximum S$105 of rebates each month. Dairy Farm vouchers which you can buy from Cold Storage or Giant are an extremely easy way to meet the spend and still get the generous 17.5% rebate rate.

There are cards that we get for the great sign-up rewards, and there are those we get because they’re good for our monthly spend. Then there’s DBS yuu which is truly the best of both worlds… just make sure to use the promo code:


promo code 388CASH

🔥 👍🏼

New DBS/POSB cardholders

Get S$388 cashback¹ when you:

  • Apply for DBS yuu (either American Express or Visa) with promo code 388CASH
  • Make a min spend of S$800 within 60 days from card approval

Existing DBS/POSB cardholders

Get S$60 cashback² when you:

  • Apply for for DBS yuu American Express (no promo code required)
  • Make a min spend of S$300 within 30 days from card approval

Last date to sign up: 31st May 2024

Terms and conditions (save a copy for future reference):

  1. New cardholder promo
  2. Existing cardholder

Get staggering 4.5% with no minimum spend, or 17.5% with S$600 eligible spend with a month! Staggering earn rate with few conditions required. Watch the review

DBS Vantage: 85,000 miles for new cardholders, 40,000 miles for existing

Talking about all-time high welcome offers, DBS Vantage is also offering the highest 85,000 miles for applicants who are new cardholders. There is a minimum S$120,000 annual income required, and S$4,000 of eligible spend needs to be clocked within 30 days. The first-year S$599.50 annual fee is also mandatory, though it is offset by the welcome miles, lounge visits and Accor Plus membership (which comes with one complimentary hotel night).

Those who want an “easier deal” can consider the DBS Altitude deal instead.

DBS Vantage

No promo code required

🔥 👍🏼

New and existing cardholders

New and existing cardmembers will be credited up to 85,000 miles and 40,000 miles respectively in the form of DBS Points, within 90 to 120 days from the Card approval date. 

  • Apply for a DBS Vantage Card
  • Make payment for non-waivable annual fee of S$599.50 (inclusive of GST); and
  • Charge a minimum spend of S$4,000 within 30 days from card approval date

Until 31st May 2024

See terms and conditions and save a copy for your future reference.

Get free Accor Plus Explorer membership with one free hotel night per year! Also get 10 free lounge visits a year via Priority Pass. S$120,000 annual income requirement. Watch the review here

DBS Takashimaya: S$150 off S$250 shopping – for both new/existing cardholders!

Want a subsidised shopping spree? Get the DBS Takashimaya American Express card to get S$150 cashback on just S$250 shopping at Takashimaya. The online store has some stuff for you to choose from, but head down to their physical store which has a lot more options. Stay subscribed for some shopping ideas!

It’s a very easy and attractive deal that works even for existing DBS/POSB cardholders!

DBS Takashimaya (Amex)

🔥 👍🏼

You may have to disable your content blocker.

New or Existing DBS/POSB Cardholders

Must not have cancelled a DBS Takashimaya card in the past 12 months.

  1. Apply online for DBS Takashimaya American Express® Card (no promo code required)
  2. Spend a minimum of S$250 within Takashimaya (Takashimaya Department Store, Takashimaya Online Store and participating specialty stores at Takashimaya Shopping Centre) within first month from Card approval date with your DBS Takashimaya American Express® Card to receive S$150 cashback

See terms and conditions

Until 30th April 2024

After being taken to DBS site, scroll down and look for the Apply Now button in red. Promo code can be left blank for DBS Takashimaya Card

DBS Altitude: 43,400 bonus miles for new cardholders

If you don’t qualify for DBS Vantage’s offer or prefer a lowered spend requirement and no annual fee, DBS Altitude lets you enjoy 43,400 bonus miles with just S$3,000 spend. You can opt to pay the annual fee of S$196.20 for 10,000 more miles, but I wouldn’t really encourage it unless you are really in need of those miles.

Make sure you use the appropriate promo codes:

DBS Altitude
(Amex or Visa)

🔥 👍🏼

For new DBS/POSB cardholders

Annual Fee WaiverAnnual Fee Payment
American ExpressALTA50
43,400 bonus miles ⭐️
43,400 bonus miles + 10,000 miles
36,400 bonus miles
36,400 bonus miles + 10,000 miles
⭐️ is my recommended option

Spend S$3,000 on eligible transactions within 60 days from approval.

Until 31st May 2024

⚠️ Please remember to use the promo codes.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and conditions (save a copy for future reference)

Get 1.3 mpd for local spend. Free Priority Pass membership which gives 2 complimentary lounge vists a year (exclusive to Visa version only).

Can new cardholders stack 2 or more deals?

Theoretically, it should be possible to enjoy the S$388 welcome offer as a new cardholder by applying for DBS yuu, then applying for DBS Takashimaya as the second card for the S$150 promo. While this worked the last time I checked (a couple of years ago), I am trying to get confirmation to see whether this works for the current campaigns so stay subscribed for updates.

In any case, you should start applying for your first DBS card while waiting to see if this is possible.

What to spend on?

You need to meet the minimum spend to qualify for rewards, and note that there are transactions which are excluded. Read the terms and conditions carefully when signing.

Generally, retail transactions like buying stuff or dining out are very safe. Things like bill payments, education expenses and CardUp or ipaymy become a lot iffier.

Do check out this article on what you can spend on to meet the minimum spend:

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