EZ-Link Santa’s Quest: Silly Fun With a Few Easy Dollars

Okay I’m a little late to this since Christmas was almost a week ago, but there’s still time to play EZ-Link’s Santa’s Quest mini-game. It’s essentially a Mario and Flappy Bird mash-up of a game where you play as Santa collecting presents (I thought Santa was supposed to give them out) and dodging obstacles.

It’s an easy and silly game which comes with a random prize at the end of each 20-second round. I’ve done 6 rounds now and have gotten S$13.50 – really not that bad considering I’ve played far lamer games than this for free.

You can play this game until end of 30th December 2023 (today), so read on for a few tips on how to increase your prizes. Thanks to all who discussed this game in the Telegram chat.

How to play

To play the game, you will need the EZ-Link Wallet app which you can download for your devices for free. Thereafter, complete the sign-up process and you will find the game in the Discover tab. Use my code for an additional play!

All you have to do in the game is to tap the screen to jump, and your aim is to collect presents and avoid obstacles as much as possible. If you do well, you will get better cashback rewards for that round. The prizes are randomised with a chance of getting up to S$10 and I’ve been getting about S$1 to S$2 each time the 6 times I’ve played it.

Increasing your number of plays

Each player starts with 1 play, and you get an additional play using my code. To earn more plays, you can also refer up to 10 friends to get one additional try for each friend you refer.

You can also spend at least S$15 in a single transaction with your EZ-Link Wallet Mastercard to get an extra play. Given that I’ve been getting at least a dollar or two per play, the cashback rebate on this is actually quite high. See the terms and conditions for a bunch of exclusions.

Milestone rewards

There are a total of 4 milestone rewards you can get:

1Spend at least S$15 with EZ-Link Wallet MastercardS$1
2Get a total of 40 presents across all playsS$2
3Get a total of 120 presents across all playsS$2
4Get a total of 320 presents across all playsS$5 Fully claimed

At the time of writing, the first 3 milestones are still available, and they are fairly easy to reach. You should be able to get about 25-30 presents per play, so just 2 plays can get you the 2nd milestone (for S$2) and 4-5 for the 3rd milestone (also S$2). Each milestone is limited though milestones 2 and 3 don’t look like they’d run out anytime soon (1,000+ spots left for each).

You must manually redeem these rewards and the button to press can be quite easy to overlook. It’s the snowman on the main screen of the game:


Based on the many, many times I’ve played this (six times), I am now a super experienced player and will tell you the following tips to maximise your presents per play:

  • You often have to collect 2 presents in a single jump, so time it carefully
  • The grinch (around 3rd play onwards) throws a light ball that bounces and a heavy ball that doesn’t
  • You stay under the light ball (i.e. don’t jump) while you have to jump over the heavy ball

And that is the extent of my mad skills in this riveting game. CSL from the chat has an even better tip: if you do poorly in a play, you can always quit the app before it concludes to restart your play.

Have some silly fun and get a few dollars out of it

With a few easy dollars to get, this game isn’t the worst way to kill a couple of minutes here and there. Heck, if I have trouble finding friends to refer, I’d even use the EZ-Link Mastercard to pay for stuff. The rewards can make it better than most cashback cards out there assuming each transaction is S$15.

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