Excellent 11/11 Buys With $110 Worth of Coupons

11/11 is finally here! I had so much fun with the last post on shopping deals, I’ve decided to scour the numerous deals to bring you a curated list of great deals of my favourite things that’d be great Christmas gifts for your loved ones… or yourself; it’s Single’s Day after all.

Remember to register your card for the various Christmas promos rolled out by banks, and make sure you grab the free shopping coupons first!

Get your $10, $30 and $70 coupons

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Google Nest Hub Max for $329 (after $30 coupon)

I’m an Apple guy, but the Google Nest Hub Max is a nifty device. I use my Nest Hub for setting timers and alarms, playing YouTube videos when I’m busy in my kitchen/dining area, and controlling the various smart appliances at home. When I’m not actively using it, it’s a really nice photo frame, and dedicated digital photo frames of decent quality already cost quite a fair bit.

The Nest Hub Max is getting Zoom support soon, and the in-built camera lets it double up as a home security camera. Very good buy at this price considering how it’s going for nearly $400 at other sites.

Xiaomi 1C Robot Vacuum for $220 (after $30 coupon)

I find this device really life-changing

I have recommended the Xiaomi 1C robot vacuum before, and it wouldn’t be the last. This is also the cheapest I have ever see it go at $220 after you apply the free $30 coupon. It has freed up so much of my time for other chores and it really improves my quality of life. I get clean floors every day, and sometimes I even get it to mop the floor twice a day when I’m feeling a bit fussy.

OSIM x Predator Gaming + Massage Chair for $854 (after $70 coupon)

I don’t know who read my mind and made this thing but OSIM needs to give him/her a raise

I’m really happy to end my six-month search for a good work-from-home chair, especially after enduring backaches from using a really popular brand that costs more than $500. I was also in the market for a massage chair, but really wondered if my apartment could fit something like that.

You can imagine my excitement when I chanced upon OSIM’s collaboration with Acer to make a computer chair that doubles up as a massage chair. Considering the price of gaming chairs and massage chairs, I feel it’s a fair price to pay, and a two-in-one product saves me valuable space to avoid cluttering my home.

Having had a bad experience with a pricey gaming chair that didn’t work out, I actually sat on one of these at OSIM’s showroom for more than 15 minutes just to be sure, and after using it for a week since, I am confident to recommend this to anyone in the market looking to enhance their work-from-home experience.

My only complaints? The wire is a little short which is why I have to use an extension cord, but it is also convenient enough to unplug when I’m just using it as a chair. More annoyingly, my friends wouldn’t stop hogging it when they come visit.

Nintendo Switch Lite for $230, Nintendo Switch for $394

Prices for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite went a bit crazy during the last few months because of the pandemic, but now they’ve come down to more sane levels.

In fact, I think this is the cheapest I’ve ever see them sell for. At $230 (for the coral version, $239 for other colours), the Switch Lite isn’t too expensive but would make for a really good Christmas present. I’m super tempted myself.

Apple Watch Series 6 for $549, Apple Watch SE for $389

If you don’t qualify for a free Apple Watch SE, this is a good deal you can consider, particularly how Apple has tied up with the Singapore government to give up to $380 of HPB vouchers to Apple Watch users for using their co-designed app. The Watch practically pays for itself.

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