Citi PayAll: Buy Miles at 1 Cent Each, Clock Spend For Promos and Limo Service

Citi is back with a new promo for its payment service Citi PayAll! Get 2.2 miles or 5.5 ThankYou Points (worth 2.2 miles) per S$1 spent on Citi PayAll transactions from 20th April 2023 (10AM) to 20th August 2023 (11:59PM). You need a minimum spend of S$8,000 to qualify for this promo.

If you are a new user, you also get an additional S$50 Grab voucher if you meet the same minimum spend of S$8,000 of spend within this period.

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How the promo works

Citi PayAll is a service that lets you pay for things like insurance, income tax, or even to another person/business as long as you know their bank account. Citi specifies the following:

  • Tax (income tax, property tax, other tax types and composition fees to IRAS)
  • Insurance premium payments
  • Rent
  • Education Expense (school fees, enrichment fees, tuition fees, course fees)
  • Condominium Management Fee
  • Miscellaneous (Renovation, wedding expenses etc.)

Unfortunately, mortgage is not part of the list.

When you pay through the service, you are charged a fee of 2.2% (up from 2%), and you get miles/points based on the earn rate of your card.

For instance, you can pay S$10,000 to your income tax via Citi PayAll and charge it to your Citi PremierMiles. You would pay S$220 in service fees and earn 12,000 miles based on the usual PremierMiles earn rate of 1.2 miles per dollar.

Under this promo, your earn rate is boosted to 2.2 miles per dollar spent with an additional 1 mile per dollar should you meet the S$8,000 minimum spend during the period. The bonus miles are credited within 16 weeks from the end date of the promo, so you should get the additional miles by 10th December 2023.

The maximum spend you can get the bonus miles on is S$120,000. This would net 264,000 miles in total based on 2.2 miles per dollar. See full terms and conditions here.


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Promo analysis

Paying a service fee of 2.2% for 2.2 miles per dollar represents a cost of 1 cent per mile, which is a decent rate to buy miles at. Singapore Air lets you redeem return tickets to Japan in economy at 54,000 miles, so your cost for the trip is around S$540. Business class for Japan would be around S$1,040. Note that these are exclusive of tax which is generally around S$100.

Citi PayAll has previously offered promos which gave 1.8 miles per dollar (1.11 cents per mile) to 2.5 miles per dollar (0.8 cents per mile) transacted through Citi PayAll, so this promo is somewhere in between.

1 cent is a fair value to buy miles at particularly if you value premium class flights, and isn’t too bad either if you redeem discounted flights such as through Spontaneous Escapes.

Works well with Citi Prestige

While this promo offers the 2.2 miles per dollar rate across Citi’s popular miles and points cards, Citi Prestige works particularly well since spend on Citi PayAll also count towards the spend requirement for free airport rides.

It even counts towards the minimum spend required for Citi Prestige’s sign-up offer, as well as that of other Citi cards.


Paying 1 cent for each mile is a fair rate, and you can set up your payment with Citi’s mobile app. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before proceeding.

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