Why I’m Happy With the Circuit Breaker Extension

A couple of days ago I was just feeling a teeny weeny sad that we were already halfway through Circuit Breaker. While many were naturally upset about the extension, I was actually slightly joyous. I empathise with the people who are in dismay over the extension to 1st June, and I’m sure a lot of people have been badly impacted as a result of this, but I can only speak for myself, so here are some reasons why I am happy with life under the Circuit Breaker.

No. Travel. Time.

I can’t overstate how truly incredible working from home is because of the sheer convenience of not having to travel to work. Being able to wake up just 30 minutes before work begins is amazing. Coupled with the timed saved from not having to gussy up and travel back home, I think it’s easily an additional 1.5 extra hours per day for me, and I don’t even live that far from work.

This means an extra hour of late night Netflix, and thirty minutes to snooze each morning. Have I said incredible yet?

Expenses are down, down, down

The stock market and oil prices aren’t the only things collapsing; expenses are way down this month. Transport cost? $0. Food cost? Home-cooked meals are pretty cheap (thanks mum!). Even bubble tea is a rare expense now – I only drank it once in the past two weeks, and beverage shops are closed for the remainder of the Circuit Breaker period.

If you do miss food from the outside, remember to order in with an appropriate card.

It’s amazing how much one can save when there’s no more dining out, movies or hanging out with friends. Well, virtual hang outs are free.

Lots of free time

Money isn’t the only thing saved when we can’t go out with friends. There’s only so many online games and video calls you can make with friends, and so you end up with a bunch of free time on top of the time saved from not needing to travel.

That’s plenty of extra hours for my extracurricular pursuits like Sethisfy.com.

Or maybe just Netflix and sleep.

A break from the low-tech routine

The word unprecedented has been used with an unprecedented frequency, and it’s not hyperbole. Most of us have never experienced a crisis of this magnitude before, and we will hopefully never go through something like this again once the pandemic is over. It is a break from the norm, and one that makes us treasure things we once took for granted like haircuts and going out.

Breaking from the routine also makes one realise that there are more ways of doing something than what we are used to. Having online lessons is a totally feasible thing, most form-filling and applications can be done digitally, and some meetings should be emails or webinars. The Circuit Breaker and pandemic will pass, but I hope some of the better things we have uncovered now would stay.

How’s Circuit Breaker treating you? Let me know in the comments or Telegram group!

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7 thoughts on “Why I’m Happy With the Circuit Breaker Extension

  1. No diff since everyday is “work” from home for me. 😛

    Made FULL USE of my home & neighbourhood facilities for the past 10 years. At least I don’t feel so sore paying maintenance fees.

    Only prob is sometimes I forget which day it is.

    1. Unfortunately facilities are closed and maintenance fees are still being charged 😥

  2. lucky for you, but its a totally different ballgame for us adults or parents like ourselves.
    school/childcare closure is our worst nightmare, having to juggle between work and taking care of toddlers is stressful. ask any parents with young kids and you will understand the horror when we heard about the extension!

    1. Extroverts have ruled the world long enough! It’s time for introverts to shine 😅

  3. I love the circuit breaker where i can take time to do the stuff i need/want to do ! e.g. catching up with my language learning … there are so many things to do just that most people doesnt know. and an introvert like me had it well communicating with my friend online.

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