Get Cashback on Things Like CPF Top Up!

Update 27/01/2022: CPF top ups, Dash, and IRAS PayNow are now specifically excluded by Grab.

Grab recently introduced a new feature: users are now able to transfer payment to a PayNow QR code with their Grab credits! This opens possibilities to get cashback on things that were previously rewardless.

Topping up one’s Grab wallet with either the UOB Absolute or Amex True Cashback card gets cashback, and this isn’t a secret at all. With this new feature, however, one can now do things like top up their CPF account which is something that only accepts PayNow payments.

Just go to your CPF portal, look for e-Cashier, and select the type of top up you want to do, and use your Grab app to scan the PayNow code that is generated:

PayNow transactions have been something that doesn’t give rewards, except for Google Pay, which still gives scratch cards. Unfortunately, Google Pay scratch cards have been for some time quite miserly in their payments, and it is now limited to once a week, so Grab’s latest feature is great news for people who want to get rewards on certain transactions that only accepts PayNow as a payment method.

This method will work only for businesses that accept PayNow, so transferring to your friend’s PayNow will not work. Nevertheless, it does open a whole realm of possibilities for people to get cashback on stuff that previously precluded any form of reward. More creative people would certainly be able to find uses for this.

Note on sharing credit card hacks

People can get quite upset when hacks and loopholes are shared, and understandably so since the increased attention and usage of a hack tend to lead to holes being plugged and the party being over for everyone. This particular trick, however, has become an open secret in the past week or so, with big sites and Telegram channels broadcasting it.

From time to time, people on my Telegram group would share morsels of information and interesting workarounds, and they often go mysteriously deleted. Certainly not my doing; what seems to be happening is that there would be a few people who would persuade the poster to remove their messages to keep things quiet… It’s a rather interesting dynamic to observe, and of course, I’ve learnt a thing or two from my own group since I read almost every single message.

In any case, “exploits” as obvious as this will be gone sooner than later, and being upset at it being removed is kinda like hoping one’s Sunday would never end. Just enjoy your weekend while it lasts.

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  1. Apart from grab wallet any other wallet like Google pay or Google pay via face or Apple pay? Since grab wallet limited to 30k

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