Upsized Wallet App Promos: Get Up to $25 With Friz, and $10 With Big Pay

It’s giving season, and wallet apps are giving: get upsized promos with these wallet apps! Friz is giving $20 (up from $5) for each successful referral, while Big Pay is giving $10 (up from $5).

Use Friz for 1.75% instant cashback!

Friz is a prepaid wallet app that allows you to make payments as well as to issue invoices (if you have a use for that), and it also allows eligible business entities to apply for a credit line. You can get up to $25 for completing a few tasks:

Sign up here and use code WEE-wjcM4C
Spend S$500* or more (in one or multiple transactions); or
Successfully apply for Friz credit line; or
Get paid S$500 or more for invoices using Friz
Optional: make your first top up of at least $10 S$5
Bonus: spend S$500* or more (in one or multiple transactions)Stand a chance to win 1 of 5 Fitbit Charge 5s
*spend on e-wallets or AXS is excluded

On top on these sign-up rewards, you can also get 1.75% cashback on all transactions, aside from e-wallets and AXS payments. The cashback is also credited instantly to your Friz wallet; a very rare thing indeed for cashback cards.

In a world where almost every cashback card award cashback in the next statement which can be 1 to 2 months from your transaction, instant cashback is something we have almost never seen before (the last we saw this was in Razer’s short-lived wallet app), and is a really great feature.

1.75% cashback also edges out many cashback cards, and coupled with the very short list of exclusions (again, e-wallets and AXS transactions are not eligible for cashback), Friz is a really useful wallet app to make payments for things like insurance and education bills. You can even add the card to your Google Pay wallet and use it in person.

Get $10 with Big Pay

I’ve only written about Big Pay maybe once, but it’s one of the most signed up wallet apps according to my records.

It looks like a pretty normal wallet app, but there are probably more uses to it for people who are more intrepid… there are some in my chat group who have curiously hit the annual $30,000 spending limit. Hmmm.

Anyway, you can at least get S$10 when you take a couple of minutes to sign up and activate your card while you figure out what it’s good for. This offer is only until 31st December 2021!

Big Pay
(Wallet App)

Sign up on your phone with code MCMVZQCHF7 to receive $5 $10 cashback rewards

No annual income requirement.

Get $20 with Revolut too

More free money and wallet apps? Check out Revolut.

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