The Best Wallet App, Bank Account, Trading App, and Credit Cards!

Here are the best personal finance products that have given us users the best value over the past year, and would hopefully still hold strong in the new year ahead!

Best Wallet App of the Year

Okay I have talked a lot about Kris+ but I can’t help it because it really is such a strong wallet app and deserves the Best Wallet App of the Year for 2022. From relatively frequent spend and win promos to milesback campagins, Kris+ delivers earn rates that no other wallet app can match. Even its base earn rates of 3 to 9 miles per dollar or 2 to 6% cashback is generous, and you get these rewards on top of your card’s earn rates.

Kris+ does have relatively scarce merchant acceptance, but the list of merchants is growing each month with new retailers and restaurants added. This problem was so bad at first, even shops that accepted Kris+ had cashiers who had no idea how to work the app. Such an issue is long solved now that more users are coming on board, and if you have been missing out, sign up here, and check out my guide for more details.


Remember to enter code W159000

New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code W159000

Get S$10 rebate with S$30 spend. Until 28th February 2023

Gives miles on top of your usual card rewards! Not a miles person? The miles can also be used as cashback. Get as much as additional 9 miles or 6% cashback! See the review here and check out the guide

The honourable mention for Best Wallet App of the Year goes to ShopBack Pay which can rival Kris+ in terms of earn rates. It also does have its promos from time to time, and just like Kris+ offers its additional cashback rates on top of our usual credit card rewards.

ShopBack has also been getting their wallet app accepted in places like hawker centres and food courts, and it’s a strong wallet app to use where it’s accepted.



New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code CsgtbD, make a transaction of at least S$20, and add your withdrawal information.

Terms and conditions

Gives extra cashback on top of your usual card rewards!

Best Trading App of the Year

The trading app scene has been quite competitive over the past couple of years with all manners of animals trying to win you over. This prize has to be given to the one that has been giving the best value to users, and my pick would be Webull.

Do note that Webull has been a regular sponsor of my site and YouTube channel, but I think we can all agree that Webull has been one of the most generous. It has been giving great sign-up offers and its trading fees currently stand at a big fat 0 for commission and platform fees.

Webull has also been introducing new features such as buying of mutual funds, and it also supports fractional trading I really like. These two features mean that you can invest even with a low capital outlay, and you can have a well diversified portfolio without incurring high fees that other brokers tend to charge.


Until 3.59PM 1st March 2023

55 days 5 hours 15 minutes 7 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this link, fund S$100, buy 1 Stock or ETF, and maintain for 30 daysUS$50 cash voucher
0 commission trades for US and HK markets
Execute at least 1 Options buy trade on the US market within 30 daysUS$50 cash voucher
Subscribe to 1 Mutual Fund of any value and maintain for at least 5 days to spin the wheelAdditional US$8 to US$1,888 worth of Apple shares!
Total US$100 + US$8 – US$1,888
For quick reference only. Refer to its terms and conditions.

Get 0% commission and platform fee, and trade fractional shares from as low as US$5 per trade. Great for dollar-cost averaging small amounts!

Last updated 3rd Feburary 2023.

The honourable mention for Best Trading App of the Year goes to Syfe Trade. I haven’t talked about that app in a while, but it is perhaps the easiest to use owing to its simple and clean user interface. Syfe Trade recently introduced SGX trading, and you can now buy local stocks which was a missing feature during its launch.

See more trading apps here.

Syfe Trade Promo Details (tap here for review)

Last updated: 22nd January 2023

Sign up for Syfe Trade (use phone) with promo code SETHISFY
Fund minimum S$2,000 and place your first trade within 30 days of account creationS$70 for new to Syfe customers
For quick reference only. See terms and conditions

Best Bank Account of the Year

High-interest bank accounts are becoming a thing again, after becoming irrelevant for a good part of the pandemic thanks to suppressed interest rates. They’ve made a big comeback since, and UOB has offered not only attractive interest rates, but great promos too.

You have probably missed the flash sale (see the importance of subscribing to the Telegram?) but UOB still has a Lunar New Year promo that lets you earmark funds for added cash gifts (will write a post on this soon).

UOB One Account

Until 28th February 2023

First 200 to apply for a UOB savings account online, deposit fresh funds and sign up for salary crediting.S$118 cash
Tap here to fill form and credit at least S$1,600 salary within 2 months from submission of form$50 cash
Deposit and earmark:
S$100,000, or
S$200,000. Tap here for details
S$388, S$888, or S$1,888
All three rewards can stack
For quick reference only. Refer to its terms and conditions.

Get as much as 5% p.a. effective interest on $100,000 balance!

The honourable mention for Best Bank Account of the Year goes to OCBC 360, and you can see a in-depth comparison here. Also, see more savings products here.

Best Miles Card of the Year

My pick for Best Miles Card of the Year is Citi Prestige, and you would probably choose any card that gets you some 300,000 worth of miles in a few months to be your personal favourite too. This was achieved almost entirely with Citi PayAll promos, where I essentially bought miles for cheap by putting all manners of bills and payments through Citibank’s payment service.

While Citi PayAll is also available on other Citi cards, the Citi Prestige is a particularly compelling one to use since PayAll spend counts towards its sign-up promo as well as complimentary airport transfers.

Citi Prestige

Use code C04233289T

🔥 👍🏼

New or existing Citi Cardholders

Apply here with code C04233289T (if you get an error message signing up as an existing cardholder, try again as a new Citi cardholder)

Get 120,000 ThankYou points (48,000 miles) with payment of annual fee of S$540 and making minimum spend of S$800 within first 2 months.

Terms and conditions

Until 31st March 2023

⚠️ For new to Citi customers: I encourage you to apply for one of the other Citi Cards first before getting Citi Prestige. This way you enjoy both promos.

Complimentary hotel nights, unlimited lounge access, and limousine service. Annual requirement of S$120,000 (fairly flexible and up to the bank’s discretion). Read the review here and an analysis if the promo is worth it

Honorable mentions go to HSBC Revolution, UOB Preferred Platinum Visa, and Citi Rewards + Amaze. All three cards give 4 miles per dollar on most areas of spend, and they are good choices to get lots of miles for your daily expenditure. A comparison article is coming up, so stay subscribed to the Telegram for that.

See more credit cards here.

Best Cashback Card of the Year

Whether a cashback card is good or not is perhaps one of the most subjective things on this list – we can’t even agree on what earn rate a cashback card gives sometimes – but few people would dispute that UOB EVOL is a strong cashback card deserving to be called the best for 2022. Its contemporary, OCBC FRANK, was nerfed a few months ago, leaving UOB EVOL an easy pick for Best Cashback Card of the Year.

While its “8% cashback” marketing is misleading, the UOB EVOL can easily give an effective 6.67% cashback for S$600 of spend per month. The requirements are simple and straightforward since you just need to split your spend between online and contactless payments. To top it off, UOB EVOL even works as an eligible card for UOB One Account’s requirements.


🔥 👍🏼

New to bank

Welcome Gift:Get $300 cash credit if you are the first 100 new-to-UOB Credit Cardmember and make a min. spend of S$1,000 for 2 consecutive 30 day periods from Card Approval date. Valid till 31 Jan 2023. T&Cs apply.

Get 6.67% effective cashback on $600 of spend each month!

Despite UOB EVOL’s strengths, Maybank Family and Friends can be the superior card for many. 8% cashback is nothing to sneeze at, and the requirements for Maybank Family and Friends are not that difficult to meet since you can choose 5 categories out of 10. Once you get a regular, monthly thing going, it is a difficult card to top given how generous 8% cashback is.

Speaking of 8% cashback, the honourable mention for Best Cashback Card has to be Citi Cash Back given how easy any person or family can get essentially an 8% discount on groceries. Longtime readers should already know this “trick”, but it’s worth repeating for those who are unfamiliar: you simply buy $800 to $1,000 of supermarket vouchers with the card to meet the minimum spend of 8% cashback, then spend the vouchers over however many months you need to.

Citi Cash Back

🔥 👍🏼

Choose to get Citi Promo:

Or, choose Singsaver Promo:

  • Receive a Dyson Supersonic (worth S$649)
  • Nintendo Switch OLED (worth S$549)
  • Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen + MagSafe Charger bundle (worth S$421.90) or 
  • S$350 cash 

Until 14th February 2023

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion valid only for new card members
  • Verification of reward eligibility can take 120 days
  • All cardholders will need to activate and spend a minimum S$500 within 30 days of card approval to be eligible for the sign up gifts
  • Successful applicants must ensure that their credit card is valid and in good standing (not cancelled or blocked) at the point of gift fulfilment, and must retain and not cancel it for a period of 12 months from the date of approval
  • Reward may be retracted or cancelled if the card is cancelled before this 12-month period
  • No promotion for existing card members
  • Terms and Conditions apply (download a copy for your future reference)

Sign-up Process

  1. Apply with the link
  2. Important: find SingSaver email and fill in redemption form after application; no form no reward
  3. Promo code field can be left blank
  4. Fulfil requirements as stated in terms and conditions

Credit card terms and conditions
Banking account terms and conditions
Priority banking terms and conditions

Get 8% cashback on groceries and petrol, as well as 6% on dining! Read the review here

What does 2023 hold?

Will we see even better products come 2023, or will we see nerfs? It’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen this year, but I look forward to compiling this list again when this year comes to a close.

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