Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes November 2023

Spontaneous Escapes for November 2023 is out! A monthly promo, Spontaneous Escapes lets you use fewer KrisFlyer miles to redeem Singapore Airlines flights for the next month.

As usual, the discount is 30% off Singapore Airlines’ Saver rates.

Interesting redemptions

This month, these redemptions look interesting to me:

  • Bali in Economy (5,950 miles)
  • Shanghai in Economy/Business (15,050/30,100 miles)
  • Beijing in Economy (15,050 miles)

Miles quoted are for single trip; multiply by two to get the miles required for round trip. Note that there are also taxes to be paid.

There are also flights to/fro Australia, as long as you fly to Sydney in Economy/Business (21,350/47,950 miles) and fly back from Melbourne in Business (47,950 miles). There are a lot of blackout dates though, so good luck finding something that suits your spontaneous schedule.

If you really want to, there are also flights from Singapore to Paris or San Francisco in Economy at 29,400 miles. One-way though, which may suit your plans if you’re really sick of Singapore.

You can see the whole list here.


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How to calculate the true price of each flight?

In my opinion, miles are a way to obfuscate the real price of flights. You could, however, calculate it with:

Acquisition cost per mile + Taxes = Price of Flight

When you opt to use a miles card in place of a cashback card, you incur opportunity cost of the cashback rate that you did not use. For instance, if you used a 4 miles per dollar card instead of a 5% cashback card, your cost per mile is technically 1.25 cents each.

Miles can also be bought through services like ipaymy, Cardup, or Citi PayAll. The ongoing Citi PayAll promo, for instance, sees a price tag of 1.22 cents per mile.

Pretty good value, even for economy flights

If you have been procuring miles at a cost of 1 cent each, the price of the return trip to Bali would be S$202.10. This is derived from 5,950 miles (miles required per flight) x 2 x $0.01 (acquisition cost per mile) + S$83.10 (taxes for round trip).

At 1.22 cents each, the price of the same trip is S$228.28. That is not too shabby at all, considering Singapore Airlines flights to Bali can cost upwards of S$300 to S$400. The price holds up well even to budget airline flights that cost S$160 to S$180.

Will you be travelling in November?

If you have been ignoring miles because you’re a economy class kind of person, Spontaneous Escapes might make you change your mind. Of course, as the name suggests, you need to be able to be quite flexible with your travel plans. Book by the end of October 2023 to qualify, and your dates need to be within November 2023 and outside of the blackout dates specified.

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