Citi PayAll: Buy Miles at 1.22 Cents Each, Clock Spend for Sign-up Promos and Limo Service

It’s Q4 2023, and Citi has a new promo for its payment service Citi PayAll!

Get 1.8 miles or 4.5 ThankYou Points (worth 1.8 miles) per S$1 spent on Citi PayAll transactions from now until 29th February 2024. You need a minimum spend of at least S$8,000 on a single eligible card to qualify for this promo.

For this promo, you are essentially paying Citi PayAll’s 2.2% fee for 1.8 miles per dollar transacted, which means you are buying miles at 1.22 cents each.

Those who are new to Citi PayAll or haven’t used the service for the past 24 months even get S$50 GrabFood vouchers!

What is Citi PayAll

Citi PayAll is a service that lets you pay for things like insurance, income tax, or even to another person/business as long as you know their bank account. It is pretty similar to payment services like CardUp or ipaymy.

Citi lists the following as eligible categories:

  • Tax (income tax, property tax, other tax types and composition fees to IRAS)
  • Insurance premium payments
  • Rent
  • Education Expense (school fees, enrichment fees, tuition fees, course fees)
  • Condominium Management Fee
  • Miscellaneous (Renovation, wedding expenses etc.)

I have written a guide you can refer to:

Which card to use?

To use this promo, make sure that you spend at least S$8,000 on a single eligible card and choose the fee-paying option. For obvious reasons, the no-fee option will not earn you any miles.

Regardless of which card you use, the earn rate is boosted to 1.8 miles per dollar.

CardUsual Earn RatePromotional Earn RateCost Per Mile
Citi ULTIMA1.6 miles per dollar1.8 miles per dollar1.22¢
Citi Prestige1.3 miles per dollar
Citi PremierMiles1.2 miles per dollar
Citi Rewards0.4 miles per dollar

There are, however, good reasons to use the Citi Prestige if you own the card. As elaborated in my guide (see What is the Best Card to Use section) , Citi PayAll transactions count towards Citi Prestige’s free limo spend requirements. They also factor into the relationship bonus given by Citi Prestige at the end of each membership year.

Also, because this is frequently asked, this promo does not affect your Citi Rewards’ monthly bonus points limit.


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Promo details

Base points/miles will be credited first. Bonus points will be credited within 16 weeks after 29th February 2024. For example, if you used your Citi PremierMiles to make S$10,000 worth of Citi PayAll transactions, you will get 12,000 miles (1.2 miles per dollar) first. The subsequent 6,000 miles (bonus 0.6 miles per dollar) will be credited later.

Take note also of a few more points:

  • Only one card with the highest amount of Citi PayAll transactions will get the promotional earn rate
  • Set up the payment before 29th February 2024 to qualify
  • Bonus earn rate is capped at S$120,000

Check out the terms and conditions here.

Is it worth it?

Because previous Citi PayAll promos have offered opportunities to buy miles from as low as 0.8 to 1 cent per mile, the current 1.22 cents per mile does look a bit steep.

Good for those who would pay a premium for business class
For people who have a taste for business class and willing to pay for the premium experience, 1.22 cents per mile should still make sense. 104,000 miles and about S$100 of tax can get you a return trip to Japan via Singapore Airlines in business class. Buying each mile at 1.22 cents means that this trip costs S$1,268.80 + S$100 tax.

Not so good for economy flight redemptions
For those who are more budget conscious and prefer sticking to economy/budget flights, 54,000 miles is the price of return ticket in economy, exclusive of S$100 tax . This means that the cost of a return flight would be S$758.80. The value proposition isn’t that fantastic here, and redeeming flights with miles is not as easy as buying them with cash.

It’s probably best to sit this one out unless you are confident you can use your miles during sales like Singapore Airlines’ Spontaneous Escapes.

Not terrible if you are able to get value from your miles
To be fair, if you are someone who is able to optimise the value of miles, 1.22 cents is not a terrible price to pay. Given the versatility of Citi points, those willing to look outside of Singapore Airlines may find even better value for the miles they have earned, and that is something I intend to explore over the next year.

Works well with sign-up promo spend requirements

If you are using the fee-paying option for Citi PayAll, the spend amount also counts towards the sign-up promo of Citibank credit cards! You’ll need a Citibank card to use Citi PayAll anyway, so take a look at the cards available here.

You could sign up for Citi PremierMiles, make S$8,000 of spend through Citi PayAll. Not only do you unlock the 1.8 miles per dollar earn rate with this promo, you also clear the spend requirements for the sign-up promo and reap the welcome rewards.

Or you could sign up for the excellent Citi Prestige promo for instance and do the same. Increase it further to S$12,000 and you get 2 free rides to/fro the airport. A very sweet deal if you ask me.

S$8,000? What’s everyone using this service for?

As described in my guide, Citi PayAll does not require an invoice. You just need a company/individual’s bank account, and you’re good to go. There are, of course, terms and conditions governing the use of the service.

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