Rewards Upgrade: Get iPhone 15, Business Class Tickets or Usual Sign Up Gift!

Until 12th March 2024, apply for an eligible credit card and stand a chance to walk away with an iPhone 15! This time, it is not fastest fingers first; instead, every 10th application gets their sign-up gift magically upgraded to the iPhone retailing for S$1,318.

It’s a game of chance with pretty good odds and hey, even if you don’t win you still get one of the welcome offers you sign up for and the gifts are great. At the same time, get lucky draw chances to win a pair of return tickets to Tokyo in business class!

Promo Details

There are a total of 110 iPhones to be given out during this period of time which means the prizes will run out after… 1,100 applications. It’s therefore better to apply sooner rather than later.

On top of the chance of being the 10th applicant and getting the iPhone, you will also get lucky draw chances for the grand prize of the return tickets. See the full terms and conditions here.

Sign up below with SingSaver’s promo links, and yes multiple applications get you more chances:

Credit CardLucky Draw Chances
Standard Chartered3
American Express True Cashback1

For the lucky draw, winners will be determined after the end of the Promotion Period by SingSaver in the presence of external auditors on 5th July 2024 at the SingSaver office (70 Shenton Way, #18-15, Eon Shenton, Singapore 079118) at 3pm.

What to spend on?

You need to meet the minimum spend to qualify for rewards, and note that there are transactions which are excluded. Read the terms and conditions carefully when signing.

Generally, retail transactions like buying stuff or dining out are very safe. Things like bill payments, education expenses and CardUp or ipaymy become a lot iffier.

Do check out this article on what you can spend on to meet the minimum spend:

Great deals with a chance to be upgraded

Given that the usual sign-up deals are attractive on their own, the extra chance to be bumped up to an iPhone 15 makes them even sweeter deals. Do you like this mechanic? Or do you prefer the usual fastest fingers first promos? Let us know in the Telegram and stay subscribed for more great deals and updates.

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