Review: Singapore Airlines Suites – Worth the Miles?

As the airline’s top-tier cabin class, Singapore Airlines Suites naturally receives quite a bit of attention. Costing as much as more than S$10,000 for some routes, the product is a lot more accessible when one redeems KrisFlyer miles for it.

Even then, is this a worthy use for your points? Here’s my take on our national airline’s First Class Suites.

A mini hotel room in the sky

Singapore Airlines is on the second version of this product, the current iteration being introduced in 2017. While it is no longer a novel concept, having a little room of your own while you’re flying is still a thing of wonder.

There is a plush armchair that is surrounded with plenty of countertop space and compartments to place stuff. The chair swivels and reclines, though it doesn’t go fully flat. That’s the job of the foldaway bed which the cabin crew would help you to set up and lay out with pillows and duvet.

When it comes to sleeping on flights, flat-lay business class seats do the job just fine, but there’s really no beating diving under the duvet covers of a real bed. It’s no surprise I’ve had the best nap on a flight ever on my Suites flight home from Auckland.

For flights longer than 5 hours, pyjamas are also supplied and they are really, really comfortable. It adds on to the feeling of having your own slumber party up in the air.

A conjoined suite doubles the room

If you are travelling with a companion and book the appropriate seats (rooms?) of 1A and 2A or 1F and 2F, you can bring down the divider between the two rooms to form a conjoined, massive suite. While a single room is already spacious enough given we are on a plane, the conjoined suite completes the hotel room feel.

When the beds are unfolded, it becomes a double bed of sorts with a hard divider in between. Some may mind this but my travel partner and I found it useful to place snacks while lounging on the bed.

This is perhaps the best way to experience Suites with the biggest space possible and a companion to enjoy the experience together.


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Dining isn’t significantly much better than in Business Class

Food was excellent and of the pricey variety, as one might expect. Like in Business Class, you get to use the airline’s Book the Cook service where you can pick from a variety of international and local cuisine.

First Class and Suites have to better than Business Class, of course, and to improve on their already excellent Business Class fare, the airline provides things like caviar and more expensive champagne. I’m not a champagne person so I’m not going to appreciate this and caviar aside, I didn’t think it was significantly better than what I have experienced on Singapore Airlines’ Business Class.

Service was almost too good, if there’s such a thing

Notably much better than Business Class would be the service level. It’s not to say that the service in Business Class is poor, but the attention one gets in Suites is unmatched. By my count, there were 4 staff members assigned to the cabin which has a maximum occupancy of 6, and each of them seemed very experienced and senior in the pecking order.

Your glass never goes empty without them offering another drink, and every step of the way from boarding to disembarking they are continually checking on you to make sure you are comfortable. When I wanted to change, the pyjamas were nearly hung in the oversized lavatory, and after I was done, my clothes were put away nearly into my locker with the provided slippers unwrapped and ready to wear.

An accurate word to describe the attention would be fawning. It’s a thin line between impeccable service and tiresome that the crew has to tread, and I think they do it very well. Those who want less interaction would find the do not disturb button useful and there were some points in the flight I did want to use it.

Diminishing returns – good is often good enough

At some point or another, the luxury feels excessive. Most things in life have a diminishing utility, and Suites is a very clear example of this. I’ve had the pleasure of flying Suites twice and Business Class multiple times in the past year, and I can safely say that Business Class is already very good, and very good is good enough.

As delicious and as extravagant as the food was, there’s only so much one can eat on a single flight. “Fawning” can be enjoyable for sure, but sometimes “serviceable” is all one needs if you just want to nurse a drink or two while getting to your destination.

The jump in quality from Business Class to Suites is certainly noticeable, but it is nowhere near the big leap when one goes from Economy to Business Class. However, the higher cost is still very real regardless whether you are paying in cash or using miles for the flight.

Based on my flight from Auckland, these were some of the figures I could find for cost of the different cabin classes:

EconomyS$76630,500 (Saver)
BusinessS$2,72468,500 (Saver)
SuitesS$4,649155,000 (Advantage)*
*Advantage used as it is nearly impossible to find Saver redemption for this route

Still worth trying at least once

While it is difficult to recommend flying Suites often unless you are really well off, I still recommend trying it at least once for the experience. If there’s anything that flying Suites and Business Class has shown me, it’d be that flying can be very much part of the enjoyment of a holiday rather than just being an annoyance to endure at the start and end of each trip.

Those who see flights as a point A to B mode of transportation will find it difficult to justify the high costs involved, but it starts to make sense once you view it as part of the overall experience. Special occasions come to mind, though I think just being in a small hotel room in the skies becomes the special occasion in itself.

So is it worth it? It’s difficult to answer questions like this when luxury products are the subject. It almost always is an outright no if one exercises prudence, but I believe it’s something everyone should try at least once in their lives. Personally, it was something I’ve always wanted to try and I’m glad I did it.

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