Review: EZ-Link Pay by Wallet – Gives $10… and Not Much Else

Another wallet app? Party. EZ-Link Pay by Wallet is a new feature by EZ-Link housed in their EZ-Link app, and I first caught sight of it thanks to Timothy from the group chat. Much like many prepaid card slash wallet app types, the basic premise sounds similar: top up the prepaid card, spend the money via QR payments or with the prepaid card number, and get some rewards of sorts.

Sign-up Gift

Also typical of wallet apps would be the sign-up gift: get S$5 instantly when you among the first 20,000 to sign up, and another S$5 if you make a transaction of minimum S$10 on eligible transactions. It’s still available and the time of writing, and you can see the sign-up process here.

The S$5 sign-up gift is instantly credited, while I got the bonus S$5 about 4 days after making my S$10 spend. I paid for my telco bill online, if that inspires you, and most kinds of spending should work as long as they don’t fall under a rather typical list of exclusions. The promo will end when 20,000 users have signed up, or S$200,000 of cashback has been given, whichever comes first.

There is also a lucky draw for every transaction of at least S$80 made by 31st July 2022. The grand prize is a staycation, and 80 other winners will get USS tickets.


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EZ-Link Rewards

Spending made via EZ-Link Pay by Wallet earns EZ-Link Rewards points at a rate of 1 point per 10 cents spent. They might as well give a gazillion points per dollar spent or something, because the redemptions can hardly be called “rewards”. They are mostly promo codes for first-time users of various services like food delivery, car hires, investing etc. which are things companies tend to give out for free to attract new users.

As it is right now, this “rewards catalogue” is utterly useless, even a little insulting. I managed to find exactly one redemption that might make some sense… and it’s out of stock.

Possibly the only vaguely useful thing available

I suppose if I were really, really bored one day I’d redeem all my EZ-Link Rewards points for the foodpanda lucky draw.

No physical card, no Apple Pay, only Google Pay for Android devices

Unlike some wallet apps that issue a physical card for offline purchases, Ezlink Pay by Wallet has opted to be completely virtual. Android users can add the card to their mobile wallet via Google Pay, but this option is not available for iPhone users as EZLink Pay by Wallet currently does not support Apple Pay.

It’s… another wallet app

With every new wallet app comes a possibility of more creative uses. Interesting tidbits pop up in my Telegram chat group from time to time, then usually disappear mysteriously. There is a tug-of-war between sharing and discretion going on, and I have settled on a policy where such things are better discussed in the Telegram group.

If we put that topic aside, EZ-Link Pay by Wallet is another wallet app that currently doesn’t seem all that interested to compete with the existing ones in the market. It offers very aside from a small but appreciated $10 sign-up gift… thanks for the free lunch I guess.

The good:

  • It’s another wallet app
  • S$5 + S$5 sign-up gifts

The bad:

  • No support for Apple Pay

The ugly:

  • Rewards catalogue is horrible

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