Nerfed: Amaze Transactions to be Excluded From DBS Rewards From 1st June

A little over a month from now, DBS will be excluding all Amaze transactions from DBS Rewards. From 1st June 2022, transactions with the description “AMAZE*” will no longer be awarded DBS Points, as can be seen in the newly updated exclusion list:

Instarem Amaze has been used for two main purposes thus far. One, it awards additional 1% cashback on the usual card rewards provided by the credit card. This means that users of DBS Woman’s World Mastercard could get as much as 2 DBS Points (or 4 miles) per dollar of spend, and still get an additional 1% cashback.

Two, Amaze has been converting transactions to online ones, even when you spend physically at a brick-and-mortar retail outlet. This means that cards like Citi Rewards (safe for now) and DBS Woman’s World Mastercard (until June, that is) gets their high earn rates for transactions put through via Amaze.

Good things seldom last of course, and we have been anticipating nerfs for a while, and at least DBS gave a month’s notice for this. This follows Instarem’s own nerf to their product, halving the cashback rate to 0.5%. The added cashback rate might not be that significant, but the convenience of having everything coded as online transactions might be missed by more than a few people.

This, of course, is not going to be the last of nerfs we see to good things. Enjoy things while they last!

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