Results of Our Inaugural Christmas Fundraiser

Just a small update here – I’m glad to announce the results of the fundraiser we had recently!

The following are the amounts friends and readers of have generously contributed towards charitable causes:

Together, we have raised a total of $5,220 for children and families in need of support! Frankly, I was worried that the fundraising effort would fall flat on its face and struggle to hit even $1,000, which is why I’m really pleased with the results we got. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in one way or another, be it by donating or sharing the campaign links.

How we can continue to help

The charity I had in mind was Children’s Cancer Foundation, but there was an approval process for the campaign and for a while it seemed like it would not be approved in time for Christmas, which is why I started the campaign for Children’s Wishing Well.

As luck would have it, CCF approved my campaign on Christmas Eve, and that was the campaign I went with.

I feel a little bad for treating CWW like a backup plan, whose campaign curiously enough generated $220 despite the lack of publicity. I imagine it must be more difficult to raise funds as a smaller charity that isn’t as well known as bigger ones, and as such I started a year-long campaign for Children’s Wishing Well. Again, I hope you can chip in a small amount if you are able to. If not, there’s always next time!

About the charity

Children’s Wishing Well is a non-profit organisation and registered charity which was founded in 2002. We provide a broad range of services for children and youth from low-income families nationwide. Our services support their current educational and daily living needs, and equip them with skills for their future, so as to build a strong foundation for them to contribute as useful members of society.

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