How To: Pay NTUC Income Policies With Your Credit Card

I’ve seen a few people ask this before, so here’s a guide to pay your NTUC Income policies (actually, mostly only IncomShield) with your credit card.

What policies can you pay with your credit card?

Unfortunately, NTUC Income only accepts credit card payments for the following:

  • First premium payment for life policies
  • General insurance
  • IncomeShield premiums

Life policies

For life policies, you may only pay the initial premium via credit card during the application process. If you’re looking to pay your subsequent renewal premiums, NTUC Income does not accept card payments.

Even more annoyingly, NTUC Income does not accept payments made via CardUp or ipaymy. A really strange move considering how Income does not incur fees for accepting such transactions.


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IncomeShield Premiums

Follow these instructions to use your card to pay for your IncomeShield policy.

  1. Go to, and log in with your credentials/SingPass
  2. Press iManage followed by Change payment method
  3. Select Health, and select your IncomeShield policy
  4. Select Credit card, and then input your credit card details

From my experience, the selected card will be charged a couple of weeks before the annual policy renewal.

What card should you use?

You can take a look at some credit cards to use for insurance premiums over here.

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