Credit Cards For Paying Insurance Premiums (2021)

Insurance is one of the bigger recurring expenses we have, and it’s only natural to want to get rewards from paying for the premiums. Unfortunately, credit cards tend to exclude these transactions and you often get nothing for using your card. Here are some ways for you to get card rewards for paying your insurance policies.

If your policy accepts card payment directly

These Amex Cards + GrabPay Mastercard

True Cashback

See this for more info.

Absolute Cashback

New customers

  • $30 via PayNow
  • Enjoy a bonus 3.3% cashback on your first spend of S$3,000 (total 5% cashback)
    Bonus cashback capped at S$99 on first spend of S$3,000

Valid till 30th September 2021

The Amex True Cashback has been the permissive card of choice to pay for insurance premiums. The recently launched UOB Absolute Cashback Card joins it as a nearly identical clone, except for a higher 1.7% earn rate.

Both cards are American Express cards which very few insurers accept. Fortunately, this can be sidestepped by first topping up your GrabPay Card with these cards for the cashback, then spending with your GrabPay Card.


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Maybank Cards

Platinum Visa

New and existing customers
No bonus reward from Singsaver at the moment. Check back soon!

Horizon Visa

New and existing customers
No bonus reward from Singsaver at the moment. Check back soon!

Visa Infinite

Maybank is one rare bank that has yet to exclude insurance premiums from earning cashback/miles on all of its cards.

For cashback, Maybank Platinum Visa gives you an earn rate of 3.33% per quarter. You are required to meet the minimum spend of $300 or $1,000 per month for the three months within the quarter.

Maybank Visa Infinite gives 1.2 mpd on insurance premiums (up to $3,000 a month). However, its $150,000 annual income requirement and the $600 annual fee (waived for the first year) make it a little out of reach for many. The Maybank Horizon Visa, on the other hand, is more mass market with the standard $30,000 income requirement. Alas, it gives a paltry 0.4 mpd for insurance premiums.

If your policy does not accept card payment directly

Many insurers and policies do not accept cards. That’s not going to stop highly motivated rewards chasers like us, clearly. Simply use payment services like CardUp and ipaymy to make such non-card payments with your card! You pay a service fee for this, though it pays off if you can get rewards greater than the service fee. Read this for more info; it applies to insurance as it does for income tax.


New to CardUp
Get $30 off the fee on your first payment! Remember to use the promo code listed!

New and existing users
Get 1.75% off the fee on your income tax payment! Until 24th August.


New to ipaymy
Sign up here to get $30 off the fee on your first payment!

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