Nerfed: OCBC 360 Account Reduces Interest Rates Slightly, Removes Boost Bonus

Well, jinx. I just mentioned that OCBC 360 remains the same for now, and OCBC has now announced revisions to their 360 Account.

CurrentFrom 2nd May
Salary1.2% / 2%1.2% / 2.4% (increase!)
Spend0.3% / 0.6%0.2% / 0.4%
Step-up0.3% / 0.6%0.2% / 0.4%
Boost1.0%Removed (!)

Interestingly, Salary category has actually increased quite a nice bit. A $70,000 balance now gets 1.8%. This means that just crediting salary gets you 1.8%, which is UOB One’s maximum interest rate on $75,000 which requires $500 spend and a salary/GIRO arrangement.

Most of the other categories have seen a drop in rates across the board. Spend and Step-up used to give a blended 0.45% pa each on a $70,000 balance. They have both fallen to 0.3% pa each.

Wealth and Grow categories aren’t really relevant for most people, and they have remain largely unchanged.

Currently, the interest on the first $35,000 is 1.85% pa for Salary, Spend, and Step-up categories. It’ll now fall to 1.65% pa.

The maximum interest for the same categories is 2.55% pa on $70,000. The new maximum will be 2.45% pa.

Thankfully, that’s not too much of a difference.


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Game over for Boost

Boost was a really… interesting category. I’m sure it was always meant for OCBC to attract fresh funds, but people ended up gaming it by alternating their funds with other accounts. Well, game’s over.

This is perhaps the biggest change, since alternating accounts boosts the interest to about 3.55% on alternate months, resulting in an average 3% pa. People who have been doing this will find the biggest drop in their monthly returns, but it has always been a loophole of sorts.

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