Making Money From Blogging – How Much Have I Made?

Welcome to Making Coin, where we’ll talk about making money outside of our day jobs.

I started this site last year, but January was the first month I’ve tried to be more serious about it. I love it: it’s 2020 and I’m trying to build a blog.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in more time for posts and publicising the site to reach more people. It’s still very much a hobby for me, but I really wanted to make some money out of this just for the kick of it. Fortuitously, my site was approved to display ads right at the New Year, and that really spurred me on to write more.

Rollin’ in money

January’s figures are in and I made a grand total of… $39.59. WOOHOO I’M RICH!

Celebrate small successes? How about tiny ones?

This includes a referral incentive from someone signing up for ShopBack, but doesn’t yet include the incentives I’ll get from the several people so far signing up for the Maybank Family and Friends card. If you like my content, please consider signing up for those and in turn receive a reward yourself.

The amount isn’t fantastic, but I think it’s a nice start for something I’m doing in my spare time sitting in a bus (or on the toilet).

What’s next?

I’ll be looking for opportunities for sponsored posts (did someone say influencer?!) and have signed up for a few affiliate programmes to boost the earnings on the site. Fingers crossed!

Also, I’ve always loved presenting concepts and ideas to people, so I’m going to explore conducting small talks to friends. If they sign up for things they find useful, I earn referral incentives 😀

Of course, I have many ideas on more topics to touch on in future posts, so stay tuned and thanks for your readership!

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