Increasing Cashback With ShopBack – I Got $478 So Far!

Regardless whether your pursuit is for miles or cashback, nobody is going to turn down added cashback, and that is where ShopBack comes in. The concept is simple: whenever you want to buy something, make it a point to search for it on ShopBack first. ShopBack gives you extra cashback, whether you’re using a cashback or miles card.

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Given that major online shopping platforms like Lazada, Qoo10, shopee etc are listed in ShopBack, practically everything you want to buy can garner you additional cashback. Going through its list of merchants, I think it’s harder to think of something that you can’t procure through one of their partner retailers.

Other notable merchants include Apple and Singapore Air, as well as travel sites like Expedia and Agoda. The cashback rates are pretty high as well, and they sometimes go even crazier during promotions. On my recent Shanghai trip, Expedia had double cashback – a whopping 12% – when I booked my hotel, a large chunk of the almost $500 cashback I’ve earned in about a year. If you’re not using ShopBack, you’re leaving money on the table, and it’s not an insignificant amount either.

ShopBack also works offline, and somehow does it seamlessly without QR codes to scan or the like. You just need to add your card to it, and purchases made at eligible stores get you cashback automagically. There was once I even got cashback unexpectedly without even knowing the place I ate at was on ShopBack. Feels like the digital version of picking up money.

Haven’t started on ShopBack yet? Please sign up here so that you and I will receive a referral incentive. If you already have an account, how much have you accumulated?

2 thoughts on “Increasing Cashback With ShopBack – I Got $478 So Far!

  1. How long does it take for ShopBack to credit you the cashback when you book on Expedia or other OTAs via ShopBack?

    1. My bookings with Expedia and Booking state 75 days after travel has completed. My latest booking was done about 60 days ago so I should be getting the cashback soon.

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