Limited Tranche: Aviva MySecureSaver III – 1.80% p.a. Guaranteed 3-Year Single-Premium Product

Aviva is releasing MySecureSaver III – a non-participating single-premium endowment policy that offers 1.80% p.a. guaranteed returns¹ upon maturity of its 3-year tenure.

Product details

Min Amount$20,000
Max AmountTo be confirmed
Returns1.80% p.a. upon maturity¹
Tenure3 years
Payment modeCash or SRS
Other Features– Capital is guaranteed from the start of the 3rd policy year
– No medical underwriting
– Pays 105% of single premium in the event of Life Assured’s death

Basically, place funds in this product for 3 years, and get back 105.5%1 of what you put in at the end of 3 years:

Single PremiumMaturity Amount

In the unfortunate event the Life Assured passes away during the during the policy period, their loved ones will receive a lump-sum payout of 105% of the single premium placed.


Even though the product offers some insurance coverage (105% of single premium paid upon death), there is no medical underwriting required.

You may choose to use cash or SRS funds.

Unfortunately, there is no online application available, although you are still able to purchase this product remotely.

Update 23/09/2021: sold out

It will be launched roughly in the next week or so. Please fill in this form if you are interested to apply for it when it is available for application. Note that this does not guarantee availability and a separate application has to be made when the product is made available.


I wouldn’t personally purchase such a product because I am more risk-seeking and willing to accept volatility in my investments. Also, I have already purchased ELASTIQ which gives me 1.8% p.a. guaranteed, but that is already sold out since a year ago.

For risk conservative people, however, this may be an attractive option as it offers 1.80% p.a. returns which is quite a good rate given the current climate. The returns and capital are also guaranteed¹ upon maturity, which gives assurance to those who are averse to volatility.

  1. The guaranteed yield of 1.8% per annum upon maturity is based on the Life Assured surviving until the end of the policy term with no surrender or claims made during the entire policy term. If the policy is still in force on the policy maturity date, Aviva Ltd will pay the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit which is 105.5% of the single premium less any monies owing to Aviva Ltd.
  2. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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