Last Call For Great Promos and Lucky Draw, And Sneak Peek of Sethisfy Card

March Madness is ending 2nd April 2023 – that’s tomorrow at the time of writing! These are deals that are set to expire and many – as far as I can tell – might not come back anytime soon.

On top of their sign-up offers, getting some of these deals before the end of 2nd April also earns you lucky draw chances in SingSaver’s March Madness Grand Draw where you can win business class tickets to Tokyo, iPhones, MacBooks, and more!

OCBC credit cards

OCBC credit cards don’t get deals very often, and based on what I know, may not return soon with another sign-up promo. They have a bunch of useful cards so I would take the chance to sign up while they still have a good promo.

You can choose either getting S$228 of cashback, or go for OCBC 90°N promo which lets you get a bunch of miles. A S$228 reward for S$500 of spend is pretty straightforward, so I’ve written an analysis of whether the OCBC 90°N promo is worth it.

Each OCBC credit card application by the end of 2nd April 2023 is also entitled to a Bronze ticket for March Madness draw, so sign up fast!

S$330 for CIMB credit cards

The upsized reward of S$330 for CIMB credit cards is ending soon, and will revert to a sub-S$300 reward. Get it quick before the rewards drop.

Tiger Brokers’ excellent deal

Tiger Broker is another deal that is set to become worse after 2nd April. Right now, you can get S$120 just by opening an account and funding any amount. You can even get more if you fund more.

Applying before the end of 2nd April also gets you a Gold ticket (3 chances) to the March Madness Lucky Draw!

Sneak Peak: Sethisfy Card

Update: happy April Fool’s! (But who knows what could happen? 😉)

On top of the deals above, I’m also excited to share with you some exciting news about an upcoming card that’ll launch later this year!

The Sethisfy Card is the most flexible and versatile card ever. It’s even designed for ambidextrous people and fits nicely in both left and right hands.

That’s a great feature too since you’d want to constantly hold this card which is made of both metal and carbon fibre. It has the satisfying metallic clank when you plop it onto the table for payment, and yet magically doesn’t set off any metal detectors at the airport.

Is it a cashback card or miles card? Yes! It’s even a Visa and Mastercard at the same time. When you make a payment with it, a magical Team Value algorithm calculates the maximum value you’d get and gives you Stars of Sethisfaction that’s worth a lot of cashback and miles.

More news will follow so stay subscribed to the Telegram for exciting updates and be one of the first users of the most satisfying card ever.

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