July 2024’s Government Bonds: August 2024 SSB, Four T-Bills, and 15-Year SGS Bond

July marks the second half of 2024, and there are multiple government bonds to choose from this month. Aside from the monthly Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) for August 2024, this month also sees not the usual 2 but 4 t-bills as well as a 15-year SGS bond.

That’s a total of 6 bonds this month! What a crowded month for government bonds so let’s take a closer look.

August 2024 SSB – rates down to 3.19% to 3.22% p.a. returns

Year from issue date12345678910
Interest %
Average return per year %
SBAUG24 GX24080W Bond Details

August 2024’s SSB dips a little from July’s SSB, giving average returns of 3.19% to 3.22% p.a. depending on how long you keep the bond for. This is down from the 3.26% to 3.30% p.a. returns of the month before. The tranche is also decreased to S$1 billion from S$1.1 billion.

Last month’s bond was oversubscribed by about 9% – of the S$1.1 billion tranche, S$1.2 billion in eligible applications was applied for. This resulted in a ceiling amount of S$59,500. Tranches tend to increase in size following an oversubscription, but subscription rate for this bond might not be as high as previous months given the lower rates. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be oversubscribed by much, if at all.

The last day to apply for this is 26th July 2024 (9PM). Applying on 26th July itself is ideal so that your funds can sit in other places to earn interest.


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Other bonds this month

Announcement DateAuction DateIssue DateMaturity DateTenorIssue CodeType
27 Jun 202404 Jul 202409 Jul 202407 Jan 20256-monthBS24113NT-bill
11 Jul 202418 Jul 202423 Jul 202421 Jan 20256-monthBS24114VT-bill
18 Jul 202425 Jul 202430 Jul 202429 Jul 20251-yearBY24102WT-bill
23 Jul 202429 Jul 202401 Aug 202401 Jul 203915-yearNZ19100SSGS Bond
25 Jul 202401 Aug 202406 Aug 202404 Feb 20256-monthBS24115AT-bill

Two 6-month and one 1-year t-bills

This month, apart from the usual 6-month t-bills, there is also a 1-year t-bill up for subscription. There are only four 1-year t-bills each year and this is the second one up for subscription this year.

The latest 6-month t-bill closed at a cut-off yield of 3.74% p.a. while the 1-year t-bill in April closed at 3.58% p.a. earlier this year.

15-year SGS bond available

If you want something long term, there is a 15-year bond available. The last time we had a 15-year SGS bond was in March 2023, and that closed at 2.80% p.a. cut-off yield. While this rate may seem low, remember that it was only a few years ago that we had pretty low interest rates.

Note that SGS bonds and t-bills do not have the same liquidity as SSBs which you can liquidate anytime and redeem your funds. SGS bonds and t-bills need to be resold in the secondary market, and depending on the prevailing market rate you may make gains or losses.

There could also be poor liquidity because of the relatively low transaction volume in the local bond resale market. You might not be able to find a buyer easily.

Other options?

Investors and savers with cash continue to be spoilt for choice this month with a bevy of choices to pick from.

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