Insane Deal: S$300 SPC Voucher + 45,200 Bonus Miles for UOB PRVI Miles (2 Days Only)

Getting S$300 of SPC Vouchers for a credit card sign-up promo would be a decent deal. Otheriwse, buying 45,200 miles for cheap is also an attractive offer. Normally, you would expect to have to choose between the two deals, but how does getting both offers together sound?

That is exactly what you can get when you apply for UOB PRVI Miles as a new-to-bank customer. This offer is open today and tomorrow (15th and 16th April 2023) when you sign up through the link below.

Promo details

This sign-up offer is made up of two promos. Both promos require the applicant to be new-to-UOB (no current credit card with the bank, nor cancelled any in the past 6 months).

The first offer gives S$300 of Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) vouchers (given in 60 × S$5 vouchers with S$50 min spend) and there is no minimum spend required for the promo. Since this is a UOB promotion, it is also worth noting that there is no requirement to be the first 100 or 200 to sign up. You will need to use SingPass MyInfo to sign up for your card.

On top of this offer, there is a concurrent sign-up promo for the UOB PRVI Miles credit card which gives you 45,200 miles for spending S$1,000 per month for two consecutive months from the card approval date. You will need to pay the S$259.20 annual fee, and you can see below for some analysis on whether this is worth it (spoiler: it is). This also has no specified limit to the number of applicants.

My UOB contact has assured me that both promos stack, and you need to fill in this form after application for him log the application for the promo. There was a prior promo that stacked both a free luggage and lots of miles, and that offer did indeed come true.

Once again, you need to fill in this form for both promos to be linked to your application.

Steps to apply

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  1. Sign up using this link using MyInfo (remember to use MyInfo)
  2. Fill in this Google Form
  3. Send SMS according to instructions below

SMS to 77862 using your Singapore mobile number registered with UOB by 31 May 2023 in the following format

PMAF<space> Last 4 alphanumeric digits of your NRIC or Passport Number

(Example: If your NRIC is S1234567A, you will need to send “PMAF 567A” to 77862)

  1. SPC: terms and conditions (do save a copy for your own future reference)
  2. Miles: terms and conditions (do save a copy for your own future reference)

Spend requirement

You must successfully charge a total of at least S$1,000 in eligible transactions per month for 2 consecutive months from your card approval date.

If your Eligible UOB Card is approved on 10 April 2023, you will need to fulfil the minimum Qualifying Spend criteria during each Spend Period as follows:

Minimum SpendSpend Period
S$1,000 10 April 2023 – 10 May 2023
S$1,000 11 May 2023 – 10 Jun 2023

Pay tax and qualify

While ipaymy is excluded, CardUp is eligible to earn UOB PRVI’s base rate of 1.4 miles per dollar as well as count towards the minimum spend for this promo. There is a current CardUp promo for tax which I will elaborate on in the coming week, and new users can also get their first transaction free. See more details on both CardUp promos here.

This means that you can use this card to pay things like insurance and income tax with CardUp and qualify for this promo in a fuss-free way.


🔥 Final day for S$200 welcome offer for Amex True Cashback; becomes S$150 from 22nd April onwards

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Miles breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the miles awarded:

Annual fee payment of $259.2020,000 miles (10,000 UNI$)Before 30th June 2023
Spend of S$1,000 per month for 2 consecutive months25,200 miles (12,600 UNI$)Before 31st July 2023
Base earn rate of 1.4 miles per dollar2,800 miles (1,400 UNI$)When transaction is posted
Total48,000 Miles

In essence, you can view this as paying S$259.20 for a bonus of 45,200 miles, making your effective buy rate 0.573 cents per mile. This is an excellent rate to buy miles at.

Even assuming a conservative 1 cent per mile valuation, this means you are getting S$452 value by paying S$259.20, making your nett gain S$192.80. This value goes way up if you are someone who values experiences like business class flights, or if you redeem discounted flights.


Either of this promo would have been attractive enough for a UOB credit card sign-up offer. Getting both is insane value.

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