Increasing Rewards with Singtel Dash

TL;DR: 1) If you’re a Singtel user: get higher mpd/cashback with your spending; 2) For everyone: clock minimum spending, get 5% on groceries. Sign up with my referral code! DASH-L72MK.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years or so, you’d notice many companies trying to push their payment apps. Singtel Dash is one such mobile wallet and it has a few unique features that would appeal to the credit card enthusiast.

You don’t have to be a Singtel user to benefit from Dash, but being a Singtel user allows you to make the best use of Dash.

Only for Singtel users: converting spend to higher mpd/cashback

There are some payments you make with a credit card that just doesn’t fall under any category that’d net you 4 mpd or 5-10% cashback, and you would have to settle for a crappy 1.2 mpd or 1.5% rate. Road tax, for instance, are excluded from many high mile/cashback cards. In fact, I’m not sure it even qualifies for the low mile/cashback.

Spending on Singtel bills, however, can easily net you 4 mpd or higher cashback with a few popular cards such as CitiRewards and DBS Women’s World Card for miles (4 mpd), and UOB One (3.33/5%), DBS Live Fresh (5%), and OCBC 365 (3%) for cashback.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Sign up for Dash (use my code DASH-L72MK 🙏🏻)
  2. Top up your Dash using your Singtel bill
  3. Pay for stuff using the virtual credit card given (online or retail stores that accept contactless), or by scanning QR codes at places that accept Dash
  4. Pay your Singtel bill with a high mile/cashback card

Unfortunately, the maximum you can top up with your bill is $200 per billing month, but you can store up to $999 in your Dash account. If you foresee a bigger, unrewarding bill on the horizon, plan ahead and start topping up monthly.

For everyone: clocking minimum spends

For people who don’t have Singtel accounts, they may still benefit from using Dash to reach their minimum spending for things like salary-crediting bank accounts and credit cards.

Dash accounts can also be topped up using credit card, up to $500 per month. Most cards exclude Dash top-ups for miles and cashback, but they do count them toward the minimum spending. If you have a card that gives high cashback only upon hitting $800, and you’ve only spent $500, you would rather top up $300 to your Dash account with your card so that you can get the cashback on your $500 spend instead of forgoing it altogether. The $300 will then be stored in your Dash account until you need it.

I frequently use my OCBC Titanium Rewards card to top up my Dash account to clock my OCBC 360 account spend when I don’t have enough expenses for that month. It generates a tiny 0.4 mpd, but that’s really better than nothing at all.

Stack your card rewards with 5% cashback on groceries

To deal with the balance in the Dash, one would then use the Dash account for its existing deals and promotions which are quite compelling at times. They currently have 5% cashback for groceries spending which would last until enough of the month.

So if you’re a Singtel user, get 4 mpd/5% cash back on your $200 dash top up, + 5% cashback on grocery spending with your Dash. A pretty sweet deal, one worth the trouble of buying supermarket vouchers if you don’t have any immediate grocery spend.

If you found my site useful, sign up with my referral code! DASH-L72MK

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