How To: Set Up and Use Free Priority Pass Lounge Membership

Want free lounge access to get free food, alcohol, and even free use of massage chairs? The easiest way is perhaps to get yourself Priority Pass membership, and it’s complimentary if you get the right cards.

In this article we walk through the steps to get your Priority Pass membership with a couple of popular credit cards that offer this perk.

Signing up

You will need a card that offers complimentary Priority Pass memberships. Popular card include DBS Altitude and Citi PremierMiles which are entry-level cards requiring S$30,000 in annual income. Each offers 2 complimentary visits a year. At the S$120,000 annual income level, you have the DBS Vantage and Citi Prestige cards which offer more visits.

If you don’t already have one of these cards (or want more free visits), sign up in the article below for great sign-up offers:

Steps for Citibank cards

  1. Go to Citi Mobile app to find the invite code (see screenshot below)
  2. Tap on this link for Citi PremierMiles (or this link for Citi Prestige), input the invite code, and follow on-screen instructions to sign up for a Priority Pass membership
  3. Download Priority Pass app on your phone and sign in the app

Steps for DBS cards

  1. Go to URL below to register for free Priority Pass membership with your credit card number:
  2. Download Priority Pass app on your phone and sign in the app

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Stacking multiple lounge memberships

Each Priority Pass account is tied to a single card but there is no limit to the number of accounts you can have. You can thus have an account with 2 visits with your DBS Altitude, and another 2 visits on another account with your Citi PremierMiles. It’s useful for you and your guest to visit the lounge on your journey to your holiday destination, then again before you fly home.

While having 4 visits seems like you can bring yourself and 3 other guests, the terms and conditions are such that you must sign in yourself with another guest. So you can use Card A to sign yourself and a guest in, but you must also be signed in on Card B. This means that if you have a party of 4, you can only sign yourself and a guest into a lounge on your first card, and then another guest and yourself again on your second card.

Even then, you are not supposed to in to the same lounge again on another Priority Pass account. You can’t bring in Mum on one Priority Pass account, then bring in Dad with another Priority account even if you are willing to consume all 4 visits for the 3 of you. This depends on how strict the person at the front desk is in enforcing the rules. Based on personal experience, the one time I tried to do this I was rejected.

The workaround, if it can be considered one, would be to sign in your first guest to a lounge, then your second one to another lounge. Alternatively, cards like Amex Platinum Charge lets you bring 2 guests for free while DBS Vantage’s 10-visit Priority Pass lets you sign in up to 9 other guests within a single visit. These two cards have compulsory annual fee.

Search for lounges

You should also do some planning for your trip, and use Priority Pass’s website to search for lounges at the cities you’d be flying from. Not all lounges accept Priority Pass, and lounges can also drop out of the Priority Pass network. This was indeed the case when I recently returned from Bali in late February 2023; the lounge I visited stopped accepting Priority Pass.

Different lounges also have different rules and facilities, so the website is a great place to find out the different amenities available.

Non-lounge experiences

Some airports also offer non-lounge experiences like restaurants and even massage – by actual masseuses, not just massage chairs – and your Priority Pass membership lets you use your complimentary visit to exchange for spending credits to use at these places.

You can again use the Priority Pass website to look for such experiences. Sydney airport, for instance, has a couple of restaurants available. Atlanta International has massage services too. Let me know if you find cooler stuff that you can use your Priority Pass membership for.


Airports can be a rather stressful places, but it becomes much more pleasant when you have a lounge to look forward to. Hope this guide helps and remember to use my links to sign up for credit cards… thanks!

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