How I Made (Some) Money From Qoo10… No Product Required

When I started this site, my intention was to share cool stuff with friends and anyone who cares enough to read my writing, and if I earn some money out of it – great, a few extra bucks! I like it when people take up my recommendations, and I’m pleasantly surprised that my post on 10/10 finds is one of my most popular articles this month.

Read on if you’d like to find out how you can earn a few dollars from referring cool stuff to your friends… or if you’re just curious to know what big bucks I’ve earned from my little adventure so far. Spoiler: pretty small bucks actually, but it’s a honest day’s pay for a honest day of… not really working.

How to: sharing Qoo10 links for referral incentives

The good thing about Qoo10 is that it allows you to simply share your link with friends and get incentives credited to your Qoo10 account. All you need is to sign up to be a curator with Qoo10, and you don’t have to enter into a formal affiliate agreement with them like what Lazada and Shopee require.

After signing up as a curator, simply go to the item you wish to recommend, and find the share icon on the top right corner row of buttons:

Here, you’d see the potential earnings you get when someone buys the item through your link:

It’s typically 2% of the sale price, but it goes down to 1% when the item is on sale, as with the case for most of the listings in my 10/10 post. The maximum you may earn is $10 per item, although some shops give you additional incentives for specific items and this can be up to $100!

Now, full disclaimer here: I am not an expert in this, so there might be ways to optimise your earnings, but I’m doing this purely out of fun and recommending good deals on sale. If you’re a Qoo10 expert chuckling at this, I’m more than happy to hear any pointers you have.

The deals I found

I lost my AirPods Pro a few months ago, and choked a little at the prospect of having to spend another $379. I refused to pay full price for it, and was glad to find it more than a full $100 off on Qoo10, and the numerous good reviews persuaded me to try it out. The AirPods arrived within a week, curiously coming from Korea, and the warranty checked out with Apple. What a bargain!

For the TV, I really cannot overstate how value for money it has been. It was as much as $150 below what I bought it for, and so I threw it in my list while wondering if anyone would buy a 65-inch television after reading it on someone’s blog, even if it’s one as well-written, useful, and humble as this site.

All the items except for the iPad are things that I have personally bought, and they were significantly cheaper during the 10/10 sale than what I got them for. They are highly recommended regardless whether I earned a referral fee, and now it was time to tell people about them.


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Getting the word out

Since you’re here, you probably know of a site called where this 30-something writes a fair bit on credit cards, deals and other drivel, and it was also where I decided to experiment by listing some of the really great deals I found for 10/10.

There is also a Telegram channel for this site, and with about 900+ people I figured there should be at least a few who’d find these bargains relevant for them, right? Or would they find this irrelevant and unsubscribe? A little part of me dies each time someone unsubscribes, so a lot was at stake.

Exclusive photo of Seth whenever someone unsubscribes from his channel

Only one way to find out, and for some reason I found it necessary to make this as eye-catching and garish as possible to potentially annoy even more people, and what better way to attract attention than a good old animated GIF? With my really, really limited graphic design chops I managed to piece this together:

And we were in business!

Now we wait

Hours passed after the post went live, and I eagerly refreshed my Qoo10 Share History where you’d see a list of the number of clicks and purchases. People were indeed clicking, but not a single bite until…

I give excellent advice on credit cards and romantic issues, which often falls on deaf ears as somehow none of my friends seem to listen to me. Naturally I was thrilled that someone heeded my recommendations for once. It’s a great robot vacuum for the price!

Unfortunately, nothing showed up as a successful purchase. Alright, I did say I’d recommend these items even without an incentive, but… give me my $2.28! The day went by without much activity, so I assumed that the tracking was iffy and nobody else had any interest. I went to bed a little defeated, wonderful advice gone unheard again.

Well, it turns out that purchases are displayed the next morning, and I woke up to a really nice surprise:

We did it!! 3 robot vaccums, 3 AirPods Pro and 1 smart fan were bought. Day 2 and 3 rolled along, and a few more items were bought – some I didn’t recommend but still credited to me because the buyers ended up on Qoo10 through my link.

Over the course of three days, I got a grand total of… $41.16! It definitely won’t make me rich anytime soon, but it’s easily one of the most fun I’ve had earning forty bucks. I’m guessing that a more dedicated review site would benefit from something like this, one where readers can buy the product after reading the review, but that’s perhaps another project for another day.

Anyway, on Day 3, my question was answered – would someone buy a 65-inch TV after reading about it on someone’s blog?

Why yes they would ☺️

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