Grab 4.4 Booster – Up to 5% Rebate Isn’t Very Compelling, Unless…

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Last year, Grab gave Boosters on 10th October, 11th November etc. where we get a nice additional scoop of Grab points for online transactions made with GrabPay. This month, we see the reemergence with Grab’s 4.4 Booster where we get up to 5% in rebates. As with previous Boosters, no opt-in is required, and the magic amount is $80 spent online, subject to some exclusions.

Not very attractive

Unfortunately, the rebate isn’t that attractive this time around. Perhaps it’s because it’s still early in the year as the company had previously increased the rewards as we approached the end of 2021. The 5% figure is made up of:

  • 1.2%: Up to 6 points per dollar spent (provided you are a Platinum member with Grab Rewards)
  • 0.8%: Accelerator points for spending on certain categories
  • 3%: Additional 1,200 Booster points on 4th April 2022 for online transactions of at least $80

Do see actual terms and conditions here

Even totalled up, 5% isn’t that attractive a figure considering how the usual cashback cards like OCBC FRANK or UOB EVOL give at least 6% cashback, and your spend would be better off going towards meeting the minimum spends of these cards. Direct cashback is also less of a hassle than Grab points which need to be redeemed.

On the other hand, this may be useful for people who have spending above and beyond the maximum cashback cap of their existing cards. Grab points can also be of higher value when used properly, although the recent dearth of pointsback promos and significantly scaled down SP GreenUP programme have made it much harder to increase the value of one’s Grab points.


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This bug though

Interestingly, at the time of writing (past midnight on 4th April) there appears to be a bug which chat member Mt helpfully and somewhat cryptically revealed: the booster is giving 4,000 points instead of the stated 1,200 for a $80 transaction. That’s additional 10% instead of the 3% promised, and not too bad for paying $80 of phone bills or the like.

4,800 points ($9.60) for $80 spend? Don’t mind if I do.

It may be fixed by the time you read this, so I suggest paying attention to the group chat to see if this bug persists. Of course, it might be entirely possible Grab claws back the extra points given… but oh well.


On its own, this Booster isn’t a lot, but if last year is any indication, scheduling spend for the upcoming monthly boosters may be a wise thing to do to rack up Grab points over the rest of the year.

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