Google Pay Hawker Pals: Pretty Easy S$3.20 to S$105 Cashback!

From 8th to 20th August 2023, Google Pay users will be challenged to prepare three beloved local delicacies like steamed egg and chili crab for each of the four endearing Hawker Pals like Meow Shanwang… MEOW Shanwang!! Oh Google.

Anyway, this mini0game is pretty simple, and you can get some easy cash (anywhere between S$11.54 S$3.20 to S$105 over the next couple of weeks) by completing various payment activities using Google Pay.

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The tasks you have to do are pretty simple. They include things like:

  1. Transfer a minimum of S$10 to a friend who is a Google Pay user.
  2. Make a PayNow/FavePay transaction amounting to at least S$3 with Google Pay.
  3. Answer a brief Singapore-themed trivia challenge.

After successfully fulfilling a round, users will be presented with a scratch card. There are a total of 4 rounds, with each lasting 3 days.

Task 1 is pretty simple – as long as you have friends/family with Google Pay.

Task 3 is also easy; just take a look at the Quiz Answers below.

Ways to complete Task 2

Task 2 is perhaps the trickier one. Members in the group chat are trying all manners of QR payments to clock this task, and the following are tested to work:

If you need to complete Task 2 multiple times, you can pay to the same merchant and it would still work.


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Topping up ShopeePay with Google Pay

  1. Launch Shopee
  2. Tap ShopeePay wallet
  3. Top Up
  4. Input $3 top-up amount and select PayNow as payment method
  5. Save QR code
  6. Launch Google Pay
  7. Scan QR Code and tap image to upload the ShopeePay QR code

You can withdraw money in your ShopeePay topped up by Google Pay with an admin fee of $0.20. The first transfer is free.

Quiz Answers

Question (11th to 13th August 2023)Answer
What was the lowest temperature recorded in Singapore?19.4°C
Lau Pat Sat was formerly known as…Telok Ayer Market
What is NOT a typical ingredient for Kaya?Chicken
What is “Kopi-O”?Black Coffee with Sugar
Which of these is NOT considered typical Singaporean food?Chicken and Waffles

Question (8th to 10th August 2023)Answer
How old is Singapore this year?58
How many islands are there in Singapore?64
Dhoby Ghaut is NOT an MRT stop on the…East-West (Green)
How many Supertrees are there in Gardens by the Bay18
How many times has Singapore changed timezones since 1905?6
Thanks to Alvyn for compiling the answers


Upon accomplishing all four rounds, a potential total of four scratch cards awaits, potentially yielding cashback rewards reaching S$105.

The 4 rounds offer these rewards:

Round 18th to 10th August 2023Between S$0.80 to S$5.80 cashback
Round 211th to 13th August 2023Between S$2.58 S$0.80 to S$15.80 cashback
Round 314th to 17th August 2023Between S$3.58 S$0.80 to S$25.80 cashback
Round 418th to 20th August 2023Between S$4.58 S$0.80 to S$58 cashback
*As noted by Sole Guy, Google has reduced the minimum reward.


This is no Huat Pals, but it’s a relatively easy way to earn at least S$11.54 S$3.20, and more if you’re lucky. Have fun, good luck, and happy 58th birthday to Singapore!

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