First Look: Razer Card – It’s Really Lit

Razer just announced the Razer Card, a prepaid card that offers cashback (sorry miles people), and they are opening the card to beta testing for a fittingly appropriate 1,337 users (register here).

About that cashback rate

Before one gets too excited about another cashback card to shake things up, the Razer Card gives a really abysmal 1% cashback rate. This brings me back to some darker days where I was ineligible for credit cards and had to settle with a 1% cashback debit card… and that’s probably the point: there are probably many gamers who are not of working age and can’t get a proper credit card, and 1% is better than 0%.

The 1% is also on “all purchases” and I wonder how long Razer intends to stick by that. There are many types of expenses that are typically excluded from most credit card rewards, and 1% is again better than 0% for such expenses.

The card shines if you’re a Razer aficionado as it gives 10% cashback when you spend on RazerStore (hardware) and Razer Gold purchases (in-game transactions). It may well fit Razer’s demographic, or for people who happen to have something to buy from Razer. It also promises rewards during the beta testing period, so that may really excite you if you’re into Razer stuff.

There is no mimimum spend required, and no maximum cashback cap, although you can only top up $2,500 each month.

What a card design

Even as I find the cashback rate disappointing, I’m a sucker for card design, and what a card design this is. A plain black card with nothing but your name is a thing of minimalistic beauty. One with a logo that lights up when you use it? That’s really nice.

Unfortunately, it seems like the standard card design doesn’t light up, and you need to upgrade your card to the Premium version. The details are scant for what are the qualification requirements for the Premium version, but scouring through the FAQs, I think an annual membership fee is payable.

Image credit: Razer

A top-up card! How convenient

Credit card enthusiasts also have a penchant for abusing getting creative when it comes to top-up cards. Previously, Grab was a really great avenue to get rewards on high earn cards (psst: Amex True Cash Back card still works for now). Who knows what possibilities this new card would unlock? We can only wait and see when the first cards fall into the hands of beta testers.

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