FAQs on Snack Flash Deal

This is about the Snack Flash Deal promo. Do subscribe to the Telegram for time-sensitive info and discussion. These answers are based on my personal understanding of the promotion’s terms and conditions. Do your own due diligence and read the terms yourself!

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❓ How to get the extra S$20 eCapitaVoucher?

You need to Boost your porfolio. Go to Portfolio → Investment → Add activity to boost investment  → Set $1 (or whatever amount you wish) → Step 3: Enable auto invest can be left unchecked

You can check that Auto Invest is turned off by going to Profile → Settings → Investment settings

You should able to still get the S$20 reward by activating this before end of 31st December 2023. See the guide here (steps 1 to 4)

How do I use Amex credit card for the top up?

You should be able to get 1.7% cashback with the UOB Absolute or 1.5% with Amex True Cashback card.

The Snack app asks you for credit cards at two occasions. The first is when you start the app and they ask you to link a Visa or Mastercard. Amex is not accepted here, but tou can just add any Visa or Mastercard here and it will not be used for the top up.

Subsequently, when you start your investment, you can indeed add an Amex card to top up your account.

What is this? An investment?

Yes, it is actually an investment-linked policy a.k.a. ILP (gasp) but it does not come with lock-in period (aside for the fact you need to hold it for a month for the promo). There are some fees in the product and there is investment risk of the underlying fund. Do read through the Product Summary for actual details.

Can it be stacked with all the challenges?

So far completing the S$10,000 flash deal allows one to redeem all the other challenges too. Make sure to start all the challenges before you top up. (It still allowed me to Redeem the challenges that I started after topping up.)

My Redeem button can’t be tapped!

If you have completed the steps, restart your app and the Redeem button should be tappable.


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Is this open to existing Snack users?

Seems like it.

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