Excellent Deal: Get $160 to Open Citi Plus Account ($100 More for $15,000 Deposit)

Want to get S$160 and more? If you don’t have a Citibank account in the past 13 months, open a Citi Plus Interest Booster Account with this link and get S$100 cash by the next month from account opening. S$50 cash (updated promo and extended until 31st January 2023).

This is available even if you own a Citi credit card. In fact, you get S$60 more for being a Citi cardholder! Don’t have a Citi card yet? Get S$350 or a choice of very popular gadgets when you sign up for your card, and you can do so within 2 months of opening your Citi Plus Account to get this S$60.

Note that there is a S$50 closure fee applicable if you close the account within 6 months, so don’t close the account during this time. The good news is that fall-below fees are waived until end of 2023, so it’s an all-around great and easy deal. Existing Citi cardholders can get S$110 just by opening an account, and entirely new to Citi customers can get a whopping $460!

Further rewards for deposit

You can also get additional S$100 of reward if you deposit S$15,000 by the end of the following month and maintaining it until the end of six months from enrolment. The timeline is as shown in the table below, and your holding period is roughly 4 months:

Month of Account OpeningDeposit min. S$15,000 in fresh fundsMaintain S$15,000 as a Citi Plus customer
November 2022 By 31st December 2022Until 30th April 2023
December 2022By 31st January 2023Until 31st May 2023

The account comes with its own features, and while I personally feel that the benefits are underwhelming, the sign-up promo right now makes it a compelling account to sign up for.

Please tap here for actual terms and conditions, and read it while applying.

Citi Plus

Interest Booster Account

Until 31st July 2023

ActivityNew to Citi Customers
(no Citi account nor credit card)
Existing Citi Cardholders
(no Citi account)
Apply for Citi Plus Interest Booster Account and fill up SingSaver form in email ⚠️no form, no rewardS$50 cash
(fulfilled by SingSaver)
Apply for Citi Credit Card and make a minimum qualifying spend of $500 within 30 days of card approvalS$300 cashback or milesN/A
Deposit minimum S$15,000 in fresh funds within 2 months of account opening and maintain until end of Month 6S$150 or Marshall Minor earphones (worth S$199)
(fulfilled by SingSaver)
Potential Total RewardsS$500S$200

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5 thoughts on “Excellent Deal: Get $160 to Open Citi Plus Account ($100 More for $15,000 Deposit)

  1. My Citi Plus Interest Booster Account was opened on 5/1/2023 and my Citi Cashback+ credit card was approved on 10/1/2023. I just realized I need to deposit S$15K, which I don’t remember seeing in your advertisement earlier. Will I be able to receive $60 gift from Citibank then? If yes, when?

    1. S$15k deposit requirement for S$60 gift was recently added. You need to check with Citi on the fulfilment of the S$60 gift.

  2. I am also one of those who applied for the account using your link and did not receive the $60. Moreover, a few people in your TG asked on 11th Nov 2022 if $15K deposit is required to receive the $60 and you responded no. I can’t find your then post anymore since it has been replaced with new promos. Is this a case of you misunderstood the requirement or Citi applying new T&Cs retrospectively?

    1. The T&C was changed in early Feb to only offer the $60 for those who deposit. It wasn’t like that before Feb

  3. I am also one of those who applied for the account using your link and did not receive the $60. I contacted Citibank last week and they have since replied that there was no change in the T&C in early Feb though. They claimed that the $15k deposit requirement has all along been there since mid last year. As such, they could not credit the $60.

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