Easy Deal: Get $5 + $10 With Kris+ Wallet App, And $1 Per Week!

Kris+ is Singapore Air’s wallet app (and a full review is coming up; subscribe to my Telegram for it) and as with most wallet apps, there are some great promos that come with it.

Kris+ (Wallet App)

Use promo code W159000 to get 750 KrisPay miles (equivalent to S$5) after your first transaction! From 1st to 30th April 2022, spend at least S$30 in a single transaction with a Mastercard to get 1,500 KrisPay miles (equivalent to S$10)!

Get S$10 Rebate

From 1st to 30th April 2022, you can get further S$10 when you use a Mastercard debit or credit card on Kris+ to pay for a transaction of at least S$30. A whopping 33% cashback, and if you already have a Mastercard in your Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet you don’t even need to add any card details.

150 Miles or S$1 weekly

Kris+ is also giving 150 KrisPay miles weekly (equivalent to S$1) when you check in thrice in a week. It ain’t much, but hey a free dollar is a free dollar, and it takes literally a few seconds to tap Challenges → Check In.

Great earn rates on top of your card rewards

When you see a merchant accepting Kris+, using the app is probably a no-brainer thing to do since the earn rates are on top of your usual card rewards. It’s also pretty generous! These earn rates were upsized and initially supposed to end soon, but they have been extended indefinitely.

Even if you are not into miles, you can use the miles as cash rebate:

Earn RateEquivalent Rebate Value
9 miles per dollar6% per dollar spent
6 miles per dollar4% per dollar spent
3 miles per dollar2% per dollar spent


It’s an easy way to score S$5 and another S$10, plus earn a significant amount of rewards on top of your usual card rewards. You can look at Kris+ merchants here, or use the app which helpfully displays shops near you that accept the payment method.

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