Insane Deal: Get $50 (!) When You Sign Up For Revolut

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Get as much as $50 when you sign up for Revolut and make 3 payments! This is possibly the highest amount I’ve seen for getting any wallet app (usually $1 to $5), and the conditions are really easy to meet, even for people who don’t qualify for attractive credit card deals. Subscribe to the Telegram for more great deals!

What is Revolut?

Revolut is yet another wallet app that helps you to manage and transfer your money. It has by far the best user interface of all the wallet apps I’ve, and it comes with pretty unique features like letting you do FAST transfers to others (which some other apps have caught up with recently). You can even top up your Syfe account with it. The analytics of the app is also pretty robust and gives me a bird-eye view of where my money is going.

Promo details

I tried with a friend remotely and it took around 5 minutes to get everything done after the account is verified. Here are the 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up here (If this redirects to a waitlist, it’s because sign-ups are currently full and I will get back to you asap when more slots open)
  2. Order a free physical card via the app (also order a virtual card to make Step 3 easier)
  3. Top up some money and make 3 card payments

⚠️ While stocks last basis! I will be opening a waiting list if the slots are filled up. Only certain Revolut accounts can refer for $50 so don’t miss this!

💲 Free $5 Lendlease voucher
🍎 Free Apple Stock worth (~$170)
💳 $350 cashback and more

There is some processing time for your physical card to arrive, so you should order a free virtual non-disposable card to clock your 3 card payments. You can use the virtual card for online purchases and e-wallet top-ups (like your Grab), or add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Note that some of the physical cards require a paid subscription, but you can choose the free plastic Revolut card and sign up for the memberships later if you find that Revolut fits your needs. Note that you must order a physical card in order to qualify for this promo.

How to meet the 3 transactions easily and withdraw your funds

To qualify for the $50, you can simply make a few small payments to your telco or top up your other wallet apps like Big Pay or Grab. From my experience, even the initial verification transaction for topping up wallets like Grab or Big Pay counts as 1 transaction, so it’s really easy to clock these transactions. You can then withdraw your funds from those apps if you wish.

Otherwise, simply use it for your everyday expenses like public transportation as there is a really attractive promo going on now.

Be sure to do complete all 3 steps soon before 1st June to qualify for the $50.


Get as much as S$436 of sign-up goodies with CMC Invest deal, and S$970 + S$20 with Moomoo welcome promo!

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Get 20% cashback on your public transport fares

Since March, Revolut has also been offering 20% cashback on public transportation fares via SimplyGO, and I have been using it since. They have renewed the promo for May and June, and it’s an awesome way to save on transport costs: 20% is simply unbeatable compared to any other card in the market right now. Note that you will need to top up $100 via your bank to qualify for this promo, and it caps at $10 cashback each month.

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