Back: Free $5 e-voucher to Spend at JEM, PLQ, 313, Parkway Parade With LendLease Plus

Offer is expired! Please check under each card to see the current promo.

Lendlease is back to get you on their mobile app, and they’re bribing you with a $5 e-voucher simply by downloading the app with my code odXoC9.

You can spend this e-voucher at notable malls like JEM, 313 Somerset, PLQ, and Parkway Parade. After you have signed up, you will get your own referral code to refer your friends for $5 e-voucher each. This is only for the first 5,000 sign-ups, which is likely to run out much earlier than 30th June, so don’t snooze:

1. Download the app

2. Sign up with referral code odXoC9

3. Get $5 e-voucher


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This time, Lendlease added a bonus tier: be one of the top 5 referrers with a minimum of 50 referrals and stand a chance to win $200 e-voucher.

In any case, shopping at malls often gets you extra rewards when you use their rewards app, and Lendlease’s malls are prominent enough that you’d want to keep this app around.

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