DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals Promo: Get S$3 Instant Cashback on Selected Hawker Stalls Every Friday in 2023

Image: DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals

For an entire year from 10th February 2023 to 19th January 2024, DBS is offering S$3 subsidy per hawker meal every Friday! This is in the form of S$3 cashback which is instantly credited to your PayLah wallet when you spend on eligible hawker stalls every Friday from 6AM onwards. Use code SETDRK854 while signing up for PayLah to get S$5!

Promo details

Each user is limited to one subsidy per Friday, and this is also limited to 100,000 users each Friday. Based on my own experience with promos in general, 100,000 is a really large number so it is probably quite difficult for the limit to be reached within a single day. Things, however, might change when more people pick up on this.

The 100,000 number resets every Friday and since this promo runs for 50 weeks, DBS is calling the campaign “5 Million Hawker Meals”. It’s a nice gesture from the bank – the promo is relatively easy to use, free of onerous terms and conditions, and the cashback is immediate.

One thing you need to note is that you need to spend at an eligible hawker stall, and you can refer to this list provided by DBS. Not every stall that accepts PayLah automatically qualifies for this promo, but it’s quite literally free S$3 each week so I’m not complaining.

No late night suppers on Thursday nights, unfortunately, because the promo starts from 6AM each Friday.

Get S$5 when signing up for PayLah

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have PayLah yet, but if you happen to be one such person, use my code SETDRK854 while signing up and we both get S$5!

Other ways to pay for hawker food

Things have changed since I have done the following video, but it’s still a good reference for other methods you can pay for your hawker food on other days of the week:

Note that Grab now only gives its mystery gift boxes when you scan Grab’s own QR (generally green in design and only works with Grab) while SGQR codes (the ones with many logos) are ineligible. There is also a minimum spend of S$3.

Also, LiquidPay has been replaced by Liquid’s own XNAP. Not sure why the need to change apps, but this app should work wherever LiquidPay is accepted. I have noticed some SGQR codes have already been updated to reflect XNAP rather than LiquidPay.

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