CDC Vouchers: Get Supermarket Return Vouchers (or Donate Your Vouchers for Tax Relief)

Got your CDC vouchers? Here are some ways to optimise the use of such vouchers which works… even if you’re in a fortunate position of not needing them at all. You can even donate your expired 2023 vouchers for tax relief, so read on for more details.


Stretch your CDC supermarket vouchers with these promos #cdcvoucher

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FairPrice: get S$8 return voucher for S$80 of CDC vouchers used

Until 17th January 2024, spend at least S$80 of CDC vouchers in a single transaction at FairPrice supermarkets to get S$8 return voucher. These S$8 vouchers have no minimum spending requirement and you can use multiple of them in a single transaction.

The return vouchers can only be used a day after they are issued and are only valid until 29th February 2024. Tap here for terms and conditions.

U Stars: get S$7 or S$15 return voucher for S$60 or S$120 of CDC vouchers used

Until 17th January 2024, spend at least S$60 worth of CDC vouchers in a single transaction at U Stars supermarkets to get a S$7 return voucher. If you spend at least S$120 CDC vouchers in one transaction, you will get a S$15 return voucher instead.

The return voucher must be utilised by 31st January 2024. Tap here for terms and conditions.

Cold Storage: get S$5 cash voucher for S$100 of CDC vouchers used

Until 7th January 2024 and for the first 50 customers per store each day (boo!), spend at least S$100 worth of CDC vouchers at Cold Storage, CS Fresh and Jasons Deli and get S$5 cash voucher which is only usable at these 3 chains.

The cash vouchers can only be used from 4th to 8th January 2024 and is limited to 1 redemption per customer per receipt per day. This is a weak offer compared to the other supermarkets and you can tap here for the terms and conditions.

Giant: get 2.5kg bag of rice for S$100 of CDC vouchers used + CNY voucher

Until 7th January 2024 and for the first 50 customers per store each day, spend at least S$100 worth of CDC vouchers at Giant and get a 2.5kg bag of rice.

I can’t find the terms and conditions so ping me at the Telegram channel or in the comments below if you can find it.

Potentially, you should be able to stack this with a concurrent promo of getting S$10 CNY voucher. This promo also requires S$100 spend, explicitly stating “any payment method”. The S$10 CNY voucher is only usable between 11th to 29th February 2024 and requires a S$100 minimum spend. See terms and conditions here.

Donation of 2024 or expired 2023 vouchers

If you have been reading this article and realise that you’re in a comfortable position that you don’t even need any CDC voucher promo or even the CDC vouchers themselves, consider donating them to charity.

You can even get tax relief for doing so if you donate to eligible IPC charities.

Even expired 2023 vouchers can be donated! This can be done latest by 31st January 2024. See this article for more details.

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