Cashback vs Miles: Extra Vouchers, Miles and the Ultimate Showdown Between Both Camps

Update: Round 1 is over but stay tuned for Round 2

In the age-old debate of cashback versus miles, long-time readers will know by now that I’m a Team Value person! When asked to choose between cashback or miles, I gravitate towards cards that offer me the best value.

SingSaver is running a “cashback vs air miles” showdown, and it is at this time of great peril and contention that I have no choice but to place my flag firmly in the Team Cashback camp given the outsized value it currently gives to cardholders and consumers. Stay subscribed for more updates as this showdown plays out over the next month.

In the meantime, throw in your support for either Team Cashback or Team Air Miles (or both!) by signing up for a credit card below and enjoy extra rewards on top of the usual sign-up gifts!

Extra Vouchers For Cashback Cards

Sign up for one of the cashback cards below to support Team Cashback and get extra vouchers on top of their usual sign-up rewards if Team Cashback wins! For instance, sign up for the Citi Cash Back+ card and get S$500 eCapitaVouchers (S$400 usual + S$100 bonus) if Team Cashback wins!

The extra rewards are stackable, meaning if you signed up for all the cashback cards below as a new cardholder and Team Cashback wins, you’ll get S$370 in extra vouchers!

You can tap each card below to see the total rewards possible:

CardExtra Rewards
Citi Cash Back+
StanChart Simply Cash
S$100 vouchers
StanChart Smart
Amex True Cashback
S$80 vouchers
Maybank Family & Friends
S$30 vouchers

Bonus Max Miles For Miles Cards

Sign up for one of the miles cards below to support Team Miles and get extra Max Miles on top of their usual sign-up rewards if Team Miles wins! (Remember to first sign up for a heymax account to get up to 1,000 Max Miles to begin with.)

The extra rewards are stackable, meaning if you signed up for all the miles cards below as a new cardholder and Team Air Miles wins, you’ll get 34,000 in bonus Max Miles!

You can tap each card below to see the total rewards possible:

CardExtra Rewards
Citi PremierMiles
HSBC Revolution
10,000 Max Miles
Citi Rewards
StanChart Journey
8,000 Max Miles
HSBC TravelOne
UOB Lady’s
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature
3,000 Max Miles

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the campaign can be found here and you should also read through the respective terms for each product you apply for.


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How does this work? Can I sign up for both teams?

When you sign up for a cashback card as a new cardholder and fulfil the sign-up requirements, Team Cashback gets 1 point. You will of course also get the usual sign-up reward of the card. Should Team Cashback prevail and win over Team Miles, you will get additional vouchers according to the table above.

This works the same for Team Miles’ cards as well, although it’s hard to see how they’d win given the anaemic value miles cards currently bring to the table.

In typical Team Value fashion, I would encourage you to hedge your bets and support both camps. By signing up for both an eligible cashback and miles card, you give points to both teams. When one of the teams wins, you will also then get the extra rewards under the winning team. Do note that you have to be a new cardholder to receive sign-up rewards, so try to apply for cards from different providers should you want to support both camps at once.

Lucky draw: return business class tickets to Zurich

Regardless of whichever team you support, you get a chance for every participating product you apply for, and a bonus chance per application under the winning team.

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