Huat Pals Contest: Get a BaoBao!

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Congrats to our winners:

🐼 1st winner:

🐼 2nd winner:

🐼 3rd winner:

🐼 Bonus 4th winner:

Update 15/02/2022: I got my seventh BaoBao so I am giving one bonus one tonight.

Update 13/02/2022: Congrats to our first BaoBao winner!

Still haven’t gotten your BaoBao? I happen to have six now, and I’m giving away not one, not two, but three BaoBaos! All you have to do is to sign up for a variety of useful apps and services that would get you sure-win prizes, as well as get you a chance to get your very own BaoBao.

Proof of my six BaoBao

Contest details


  1. Sign up for at least one service below (follow the instructions below!)
  2. Fill up the Google Form
  3. Wait for the draw results!
Sign Up ForSign-up GiftNumber of ChancesRemarks
Dash$3 cashback1 chanceNo income requirement. Must make at least $3 spend from Dash wallet.
Big Pay$10 cashback3 chancesNo income requirement. Must top up $20 to qualify.
Revolut$10 cash5 chancesFill up form and get sign-up link and instructions via message.
Friz$25 cashback5 chancesMust make $500 spending
Credit CardSee post for more details8 chances eachEvery card gets 8 extra chances. Reference number must be recorded.
moomooAAPL share + $40 cash coupon15 chancesStudent special. Must sign up and deposit minimum amount
Tiger BrokersAAPL share15 chancesMust sign up and deposit minimum amount
Share this post publicly on social media with the URL displayed and #getbaobao1 chance and
double all your chances
Must be public. URL must be linked or shown
Please note that these services have no affiliation with Google or Google Pay. See below for sign-up instructions.

Important: you must have signed up successfully through my links to qualify.


If you sign up for Big Pay and moomoo, and share this post publicly on social media with #getbaobao, you will get 36 chances (double of 3+15)! Note that the URL must either be linked or prominently displayed.

If you have signed up for Tiger Brokers elsewhere and signed up for moomoo through my link, you only get 15 chances since your Tiger Brokers account will not qualify.

Remember to fill up form

Once you have signed up for at least one of the above, fill up this Google form to qualify. If you have successfully signed up for Dash (and spent $3) or Big Pay (and topped up $20) with my referral link from 25th January 2022 onwards, you qualify as well, but you must still fill up the Google form.

The winners will be picked on:

  1. 13th February 2022 afternoon
  2. 14th February 2022 afternoon
  3. 14th February 2022 night 15th February 2022 afternoon
  4. 15th February 2022 around 11PM

If you do not win the first draw, you will automatically requalify for the second draw, and so forth. This means that you should qualify as soon as possible for as much chance as possible because someone who signs up before the 1st draw has three shots at being picked while someone who signs up before the 3rd draw only has one.

Dash Instructions

Download the Dash app and use referral code DASH-OZ9G2. Spend at least $3 to get $3 cashback! Further sign up for Dash PET and get more cashback and up to 1.5% returns on your savings.

For BaoBao contest, you just need to sign up and spend using your Dash Wallet. Tip: you can pay $3 to your phone bill and get $3 back!

Big Pay Instructions

Big Pay
(Wallet App)

Sign up on your phone with code MCMVZQCHF7 to receive $5 $10 cashback rewards

No annual income requirement.

Important: take screenshots of the promo code screen and the transaction of your top-up. Tip: you can pay $20 to your phone bill and get $10 back!

Revolut Instructions

ActivityReward for New-to-Revolut
Fill up the Google form with your particulars and wait for a message from me
Sign up for Revolut using the link sent to you via message
Order both physical and virtual card
Top up and make three payments of at least S$10 each (e.g. telco, utilities etc)Get S$30
This is for quick reference only. Please refer to the terms and conditions during sign up.

Friz Instructions

Sign up here and use code WEE-wjcM4C
Spend S$500* or more (in one or multiple transactions); or
Successfully apply for Friz credit line; or
Get paid S$500 or more for invoices using Friz
Optional: make your first top up of at least $10 S$5
Bonus: spend S$500* or more (in one or multiple transactions)Stand a chance to win AirPods Max
*spend on e-wallets or AXS is excluded


Until 9.59PM 3rd January 2024

24 days 23 hours 53 minutes 13 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this linkExclusive Reward
Bonus S$20 for using my link (S$2 daily for 10 days)

Reward 1
Moomoo Cash Plus 5.8% p.a. Guaranteed Returns

(Max. cumulative of S$80K subscription, valid for 30 days – up to S$380 of returns!)

Deposit a cumulative amount of at least S$3,000 before 3/1/2024 at 9:59 PM & complete at least 3 buy trades before 9:59PM SGT on 10/1/2024.

Maintain assets for 30 days
Reward 2
Receive 1 x Stock Bundle: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth S$70)
Deposit a cumulative amount of at least S$10,000 3/1/2024 at 9:59 PM, complete 8 buy trades and redeem rewards before 9:59PM SGT on 10/1/2024.

Maintain assets for 90 days.
Reward 3
 Receive 3 x Stock Bundle#: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth S$210)
For reference only; see full terms and conditions
*Commission-free trading involves other fees

Invest in U.S. Stocks, ADRs, and ETFs at S$0* commission forever (SG residents trading in US markets)! Last updated 13th November 2023.

Tiger Brokers Instructions

Tiger Brokers

Until 11.59PM 20th December 2023

11 days 1 hour 52 minutes 14 seconds left to grab this offer!

1Apply for a Tiger Brokers Account and fill up SingSaver form (use your Tiger Broker account ID for application reference number)⚠️ No form no reward!
2First deposit of any amountGet S$120 Cash or S$140 Capitaland vouchers¹

Get S$180 Cash or S$190 Capitaland vouchers instead if first deposit is at least US$1,000¹
⚠️ Make sure your first deposit is ≥US$1,000
3aIf your first deposit is at least S$300
⚠️ Make sure your first deposit is ≥S$300
Additional US$10 Apple fractional shares² (NASDAQ: AAPL)
3bIf your first deposit of minimum S$1,000 and you complete 5 buy trades
⚠️ Make sure your first deposit is ≥S$1,000
Additional US$30 Apple fractional shares² (NASDAQ: AAPL)
1 sure-win draw attempt
(get free fractional shares valued between SGD 8.8- SGD 888)²
Optional: first 3,000 to activate Auto-SweepGet boosted 8% p.a. returns for 30-day period (up to S$10,000)
1. SingSaver promo: Tap here for terms and conditions
2. Tiger Brokers promo: Tap here for terms and conditions

Last updated 20th November 2023.


I don’t qualify for these services, can I still join the contest?

You can still qualify if you can get a family member or friend to sign up for the service. Please indicate in the Google form’s remarks.

How did you get so many BaoBaos?

I followed my own guide and got really lucky. 2 from making QR payments, 1 from Huat Twins, and 3 from opening baskets.

I’m not sure how to sign up / I have a question to ask

Just leave a comment below and I’ll reply asap!

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