Huat Pals Ultimate Guide: How to Get BaoBao!

Update 2023: Please tap here for 2023’s guide!

Update 11/02/2022: We are nearing the end and I am giving away three of my six BaoBao! Contest details here!

Update 08/02/2022: I got my second third BaoBao! Stay tuned for a giveaway!!

Update 31/01/2022: Seems like Dash QR no longer gives pals! Updated with more ways to clock the QR task, and also added the riddle’s answer.

Update 26/01/2022: Well what do you know – got my full set already ✌🏻 Will be giving away extras so stay tuned

Update 26/01/2022: Added photos of physical gifts

Well guess what Google Pay is doing for the Year of the Tiger: Huat Pals and BB Loh are back for 2022!

Here is the best guide on how to play the game in the easiest manner, earn more Huat Pals, and get a BB Loh (or two) for an ang pow of up to $88.88!

As someone who got a whopping seven BB Lohs last year, I think I know a thing or two on how to play this game, so read on to learn some pointers on how to get your very own BB Loh BaoBao. Last year’s Huat Pals Chat is reopened for business so you can do your trading there, and who knows, I might have extra BB Loh BaoBao to give away like I did last year. Stay tuned for Huat Pals giveaways and updates!

Current sign up reward for Google Pay: get S$3 when you use my referral link and make a transaction of at least S$10. This is as of April 2024.

Objective of the game

Like last year, the objective is to collect all Huat Pals, and this year there are six, although Tiggy isn’t collectible and you start with him.

The most elusive character is yet again BB Loh, and he/she is the winning piece. The rare piece is BaoBao! Mala is the next best one to get for he brings a basket, and baskets increase the number of Pals you’ll get (see Basket Guide below). Everyone else is just fodder for you to gift to other people to get more Pals in return until you get your BaoBao.

The key to this game is get more Huat Pals because every time you get a bonus pal, you get a small chance of getting BaoBAo. I repeat: the key to the game is to constantly get more Huat Pals until one of them is finally BaoBao. Read on to find out how to increase the number of Huat Pals you earn.

Easy Ways to Earn Pals

To earn more Pals, you will need to complete several daily tasks up to a limit of 5 per day:

  1. Pay businesses, order food, movie tickets, and more (min. $5)
  2. Complete a referral
  3. Gift Pals to friends

Bonus tasks:

  • Make 5 FavePay transactions (min $5) and get 1 bonus Pal
  • Make 5 PayNow QR/UEN transactions and get 1 bonus Pal

4.2% p.a. returns: get early access to Chocolate Finance!

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Tasks 1 and 3 are the most realistic tasks to accomplish. Good luck trying to refer people to Google Pay for Task 2 now that almost everyone has an account.

The FavePay bonus task is simply too arduous to complete for a miserly 1 pal. There are better ways to earn rewards on using FavePay, so I don’t think it’s a good task to complete.

The 5 PayNow transactions bonus is a great combination with Task 1. Sadly, it does not reset daily and is a one-off reward.

Gifting Pals guide

Gifting pals is the easiest task to accomplish each day for 5 bonus pals. You can easily do so by gifting them to friends, or just dumping your gift links into my Huat Pals Chat for someone to claim.

This is really very simple, so there’s nothing much to it.

Paying businesses guide

There is currently an easy way to meet 5 transactions to get a total of 5 bonus Pals, and that is to top up your Dash account 5 times! Remember to spend $3 on Dash (you can pay at Fave merchants!) and you can easily withdraw the rest. Don’t have Dash? Sign up now:

Download the Dash app and use referral code DASH-OZ9G2. Spend at least $3 to get $3 cashback! Further sign up for Dash PET and get more cashback and up to 1.5% returns on your savings.

Dash QR has stopped working for many! Here is an ongoing list of things you can pay to clock this category, and we discuss more in the Telegram group:

Basket strategy

After completing Tasks 1 and 2, you will get a total of 10 per day, and that’s your grind until you finally luck out and get a BB Loh. To further increase your chances, you need to trade baskets with people. When you have a basket, find 4 other people who also have baskets, and each of you would share the baskets in a group. This way, everyone would get 5 Pals in total.

Everyone starts with one basket this time round, and you should link up with friends, or find people in my Basket Trading group to trade baskets. Do note that there were basket thieves last year who would leech other people’s baskets without reciprocating. It’s best to stick with a group once trust has been built up because there are people who would actually lie just to get a few extra virtual characters. Speechless.

Huat Twins

if you see Tiggy holding two oranges, tap on him to exchange Reddys for BaoBao! It looks like this:

Huat Pals Riddle

The answers for Huat Pals Riddles:

DateRiddle Answer
1st Feb 2022oldest relatives
2nd Feb 202228 minutes
3rd Feb 202210m
4th Feb 2022Making 5 FavePay transactions
5th Feb 202214 Feb
6th Fev 20227 Feb
7th Feb 2022Singapore
8th Feb 2022So that their parents would live longer
9th Feb 2022Mooncake
10th Feb 2022Roses
11th Feb 2022343m
12th Feb 20228
13th Feb 2022Kelly
14th Feb 2022Reddy

So was this how I got my 7 BB Loh?

Was grinding the daily tasks and trading baskets all I did to get my seven BB Loh last year? Well, I did get a couple from that, and you would probably do the same too. BaoBao for this year, that is.

Seven, on the other hand, needs a bit more work, and I elaborated on it in my YouTube video.


To summarise:

With a random chance of getting up to $88.88, this game may not be entirely worth the time… but then again, what’s a game if it doesn’t kill time? Good luck and do let me know when you get your BaoBao!

Physical merchandise

This year, users get to win physical merchandise! These are the stuff you can expect to get if you win some Huat Merch.

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