Amaze Now Accepted on AXS

Update 02/11/2021: no longer working

Instarem announced to the world on 29th October 2021 that their card, Amaze, was now accepted on AXS.

Instarem gives 1% cashback on Amaze transactions with the only exclusion being top-ups to e-wallets like Grab. This means that AXS spending should indeed generate 1% cashback. You can sign up for Amaze here.

Banks in singapore universally exclude AXS transactions from rewards, so Instarem’s bold proclamation therefore comes as a bit of a surprise to me.

A little aside on sharing hacks

I have a little confession to make: days before this announcement, I tried using Amaze for an AXS transaction and my curiosity was promptly rewarded with a transaction successful message when I had anticipated the opposite.

When it comes to credit card hacks, there’s always a dilemma: share the trick with people so that more people benefit? Or keep it hush in hopes that the loophole doesn’t get plugged?

Sharing is caring, but often tricky. The more people know something, the sooner the fun comes to an end. For instance, my post on Friz went up earlier this month, and AXS transactions were promptly excluded from its 3% cashback some 15 hours after my post was published despite it working for months before.

Anyway, now that Instarem has sent that push notification out, knowing this little secret is like knowing that Batman is Bruce Wayne.

What can you use Amaze on AXS for?

Amaze is accepted as a debit card on AXS (app and online), which means you can use it towards credit card bills, something that neither Friz nor GrabPay MasterCard can do. You can still use GrabPay MasterCard towards other bills on AXS, and this earns you 1.5%/1.7% cashback when you top up using UOB Absolute or Amex True Cash Back.

Amaze’s cashback is capped at $100 per calendar quarter. That’s $10,000 spend, and the current quarter is October to December 2021. Each quarter’s cashback is awarded on the 25th of the following month, which means you can expect the cashback to be credited on 25th January 2022, assuming Instarem doesn’t pull any sort of terms and condition stunt (*cough* like what Friz did).

Parting thoughts

Would Instarem really give 1% cashback on such spend? I don’t see why not, given that this is a hole they dug themselves. We’ll find out on in the new year. Again, experimentation is key to chasing credit card rewards.

And so is joining my Telegram chat group actually. I can’t plug my Telegram enough, but really, valuable things are shared but sometimes quickly disappear, so it literally pays to pay attention 😉

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