Pretty Crazy: Get 3% Cashback on Insurance, Income Tax, ipamy/CardUp… Almost Anything Except e-Wallet Top-ups, Plus $15!

Update: Friz has capped the cashback limit to $500 and has excluded AXS from the 3% cashback rate.

Another prepaid wallet app thing? Count me in, especially when there’s $15 to receive, and they promise 3% cashback on all spend except for e-wallet top-ups (e.g Grab, Revolut etc.) until 31st October 2021.

Friz is a wallet app targeted at “freelancers and digital entrepreneurs”… Isn’t that just about anyone? After all, there are no barriers to entry to being a freelancer in a gig economy we find ourselves in these days.

Promo details

Sign up for FrizReceive $5 sign-up gift
Top up $10Receive bonus $10
Spend on anything but e-wallet top-upsUnlimited 3% cashback (capped at $30,000 annual spend) for October 2021

Sign-up process

First, sign up for an account with Friz. It takes a few minutes, and you’d be asked to list your Freelance Skill. Some may prefer the term influencer, but I put Content Creator as what I do. I thought I’d have to provide some documents, or at least a social media username of some sort, but nope – I was registered and verified within minutes.

You can manage your Friz account with the web interface and there is no mobile app as far as I can tell.

To top up your account, click Top up card and you will be given a MatchMove Pay Pte. Ltd. account to deposit money into with an account number generated for your Friz account. Use your banking app and transfer at least $10 via FAST to receive a bonus $10 in your Friz account. Update November 2021: The bonus is now $5.

A word of warning: I can’t find Friz anywhere in MAS’s website where wallet apps ought to be. It was of some concern to me initially, but I’ve been topping up and immediately spending it where possible and keeping a $0 balance. I would suggest avoid leaving a balance in it, and that’s usually how I treat my money in wallet apps too, even some of the more reputable ones.

Update: Nirali Zav, co-founder of Friz, has left a message to reassure users of the safety of the platform. I have contacted her official work email and verified that it is indeed her Telegram account.

What can I use Friz on?

Like most wallet apps tied to a Visa/MasterCard credit card, you can use the card number to make purchases for anything you fancy. Friz is explicit that everything gets 3% cashback for the month of October 2021 except for e-wallet top-ups like Grab and Revolut:

Update: Friz has excluded AXS too.

This means that one could use this card on AXS to make payments to all manners of things that don’t traditionally offer credit card rewards: income tax, insurance etc.

It does sound too good to be true, but I’ve already made payment for various family policies and cleared my taxes with IRAS. 3% is simply too good to pass up. The only limit is $30,000 which is the annual limit set by regulators.

Cashback is awarded on the 1st of the following month, so I’ll find out then, but I’ve already had a reader tell me that they tried last month and have already gotten their cashback.

Tip: to use your Friz card on AXS, select payment via credit card rather than debit card.


Again, this is pretty huge, particularly if you have lots of insurance or income tax to pay. It’s only until 31st October 2021 which is just weeks away, so hurry. The best things in the world of rewards tend to end even earlier than their specified expiry dates.

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