A Free Finance App: Here’s How You Can Feel Financially Empowered with Dobin

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Trying to keep up with one’s finances can be a challenging task these days. Even if you are someone who sticks to a single card and account for simplicity, tracking all your expenses may still be a complicated affair. Are you on track for your savings goals? Or are you overspending on a certain area of expense in your life? 

To make matters worse, we live in times where it is not just common to have multiple credit cards and bank accounts, but it is the financially savvy thing to do. I have 5 bank accounts and more than 30 credit cards, so I know. 

After all, the best rewards are achieved from putting the right kind of spend on the right type of cards, and we can usually maximise our savings interest by strategically splitting them across two or more bank accounts.

The downside is that my financial matters become too tedious to track mentally, and spreadsheets are just too cumbersome to keep with. 

Here is where Dobin can simplify things for us and let us take control over our finances. There is also a pre-launch promo, so read on to find out more. 

Here is how Dobin can help

Dobin is an app that will let you manage your finances more efficiently. You start by adding your bank accounts and credit cards so that you can immediately see useful info like your total balance and expenses.

While this may sound like what SGFinDex is supposed to do, Dobin gives a lot more information that makes it more meaningful for users. For instance, you are able to see which merchants you are spending on, rather than just how much your credit card bill is. This sounds like what SGFinDex does, but SGFinDex pulls data only once a month so I have found it quite difficult to get an updated picture of my spending during the month. Dobin is a lot more useful here as I can see the latest transactions when I want to.

With your financial info, the app can also show you important metrics like your cashflow and where your money is going each month. You might have an inkling you have been spending too much on cabs this month, perhaps, but Dobin will tell you the exact amount so you can have more meaningful data to see how to improve your financial situation. 

Helping you become financially empowered

On top of that, Dobin would even give you means and ways to improve your financial well-being. Using AI and advanced data analytics, the app can analyse your spending habits such that it can give you personalised info on saving money.

Perhaps you have been spending quite a bit on toddler clothing or you frequently use Shopee or Lazada for your online shopping. Dobin would offer up promotional vouchers that relate to child apparel and Shopee discount codes such that you can get value out of your spending data.

It also lets you know which of your existing credit cards can get you more value for your spend, and even recommend suitable cards to get across more than hundred cards being offered in Singapore.

This is just the start of features to come in Dobin’s aim to provide you with a sense of empowerment when it comes to your finances. 

The best part is perhaps the cost – it is entirely free of charge and will not cost you a cent. Instead, you earn value for providing your data to the app.

Trust and security of data are key for Dobin

Taking trust and security seriously, Dobin uses multi-layer encryption to keep your data safe, and it strictly complies with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) guidelines.

As the user, for every step of the way, you are asked if you wish to bring your information into the Dobin App, and if you wish to use it to enhance the personalization of discounts it brings you. You will always get the option to revoke access to your bank data.

Pre-launch contest

Dobin isn’t launched yet, so you can’t exactly download it from the App Store, but here is how you can get exclusive access to try the app before everyone else! Simply register your email here and you may even walk away with a S$200 voucher. 

That is right – not only is the app entirely free, you can also win attractive prizes from it. That is why you would want to tell your friends and family – because you can share a useful app with them… and you can earn points to move up a leaderboard for even more rewards.

The top 1,000 winners can get discount vouchers from 10% to as much as 50% when they refer their friends and earn points. The more points you have, the higher your position on the leaderboard and the higher the discount voucher you would get:

Rank 1 – 10 = 50% discount voucher (maximum spend of SGD400)

Rank 11 – 50 = 40% discount voucher (maximum spend of SGD125)

Rank 51 – 200 = 30% discount voucher (maximum spend of SGD33)

Rank 201 – 500 = 20% discount voucher (maximum spend of SGD25)

Rank 501 – 1,000 = 10% discount voucher (maximum spend of SGD20)

For instance, if you refer enough friends and are Rank 7 on the leaderboard, you get a 50% discount voucher to spend on something up to S$400 of value. This means you can save as much as S$200! See the terms and conditions here.


Dobin is a game-changing  app that is launching soon, and you can be one of the first few to get access and use it when you sign up with my link above. Financial empowerment is coming really soon to your smartphone, and I’m excited to see this app helping to better everyone’s finances. 

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