Additional 6% Cashback On Online Purchases With Any Maybank Card (Works with Grab Top-Ups!)

Maybank is offering 6% cashback on online purchases with any of their credit cards, and it’s capped at $60 (up to $1,000 spend). 6% is respectable enough, but it appears you continue to enjoy whatever rewards your Maybank card is offering you. Sweet!

It also appears that Grab top-ups are eligible according to a comment left by Maybank on their Facebook ad. I have also reached out to Maybank’s Facebook customer service who has confirmed this:

(Do note that FnF is giving only 0.3% on Grab top-ups after top-ups were reclassified by Mastercard.)

The promo is up until 29th Feb, and you have to register via SMS first, so take a look at their terms and conditions before proceeding.

Personally, I feel that prepaying for your telco bill using Maybank FnF card is a pretty decent way to max out this promo. That’s 14% of cashback when you stack 8% with 6%. Not too shabby at all. It should also work with online groceries if you want to hoard necessities during these uncertain times.

I don’t think many people currently have Maybank cards, and this goes to show that it’s great to hold cards from multiple bank because good promos like this tend to pop up every now and then. Sign up for more at

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