Excellent Upcoming Deal: Get a Staggering 11.5% Rebate For eCapitaVouchers

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Update: there is a second round of this coming on 13th December 2021. It is now capped at two redemptions per CapitaStar member.

This is one promo you won’t want to miss: get $10 additional eCapitaVoucher with every $100 eCapitaVoucher purchased in a single transaction with American Express CapitaCard. That is an effective 10% rebate, and it’s on top of the usual 1.5% rebate the card gives on eCapitaVoucher purchase. Cumulatively, that is a whopping 11.5% rebate which is why you want to prepare for it now and sign up for a CapitaCard before it’s too late.

You can use these vouchers across CapitaLand’s numerous malls (including supermarkets!) as well as the online eCapitaMall – a very important point and I’ll elaborate on later.

Don’t have CapitaStar yet? Sign up for CapitaStar here and you can get $5 eCapitaVoucher on sign up, and a bonus $3 when you purchase at least $20 eCapitaVoucher via the CapitaStar app.

Promo details

The promotion will be between 29th November and 3rd December 2021 inclusive, but trust me when I say it will not last more than the first day. The terms and conditions state that it is limited to the first 12,000 (despite the marketing graphic), and that will go fast.

Each member can only redeem up to 5 times, which is a maximum of $500 in vouchers. Anecdotally, however, I know of someone who hoarded $4,000 worth the last time this promotion came around, and it’s probably not difficult to imagine how one does it. If you have any friends or family members at all, this may well be worth calling in a favour or two to utilise this promo beyond just $500. 11.5% rebate is just that good.

Buy the eCapitaVouchers on the CapitaStar app from 29th November. Sign up here if you don’t have a CapitaStar account for up to bonus $8.

Prepare for this promo

If you already have CapitaCard

You obviously need an Amex CapitaCard for this, and if you already do, all you need to do is to wait for the date to arrive, assuming the world doesn’t end by then.

If you don’t already have an Amex Basic Card

For people who don’t already own an Amex Basic Card, this is one of the best times to get it. There is an excellent on-going promotion that offers $265 in Bitcoin for new Amex customers. There is also another offer that gives you $200 worth of STAR$, but $265 is obviously better than $200. See the Sign-up section below for more details.

If you don’t already have an Amex Basic Card, and don’t mind getting two cards

If you are okay with signing up for two Amex cards for more rewards, you can also do it in this order: sign up for an Amex True Cashback Card first, then sign up for an Amex CapitaCard. This is because CapitaCard has a second offer that currently gives more rewards for existing Amex customers than other Amex cards. Specifically, such a sign-up process nets $265 of Bitcoin, and $50 worth of STAR$. Doing it the other way round would get me $265 of Bitcoin and $30 of cash:

1st Card (as new Amex customer)2nd Card (as existing Amex customer)
True Cash Back Card
$265 Bitcoin*
$50 worth of STAR$^
$265 Bitcoin*
True Cash Back Card
$30 cash*
* Requires $500 minimum spending
^ Requires $1,500 minimum spending

The downside to this is that you will require more minimum spending, but I think it’s pretty easy to hit $1,500 with the upcoming voucher promo.

If you already have an Amex Basic Card

For existing Amex customers, you have a choice between getting the CapitaCard for $30 cash with $500 minimum spending, or $50 worth of STAR$ with $1,500 minimum spending. $1,500 isn’t really that difficult with a promo this good 😉


Amex turns around on card applications quickly – I once had a card delivered to me 2 days after signing up – and you have two weeks to prepare for this voucher promo.

There are two promos to choose from:


New to Amex

Receive up to 150,000 STAR$® (worth S$150 eCapitaVouchers) when you make a min. spend of S$1,500 within the first 3 months of card approval. T&Cs apply.

Why eCapitaVouchers/STAR$ are better than physical vouchers

I used to prefer physical CapitaVouchers to their digital counterparts, but I have now learnt the errors of my ways. STAR$ can be used to redeem for eCapitaVouchers, but you can also redeem them for deals on CapitaMall which can make your STAR$ worth more. $8 worth of STAR$, for instance, can be redeemed for $10 dining voucher with certain restaurants. You could also redeem such deals for even less STAR$ with SP GreenUP, up to three times a month.

Also, you can use eCapitaVouchers on eCapitaMall which is great because of the frequent promotions that they run online. I got my Nintendo Switch OLED last month with a $50 off promo, and I bought my $500 worth of vouchers with a 10% rebate:

Effectively paying $450 (almost 20% off) for a new toy like this is incredible, and I also bought games during 11/11 sale for $70 off $200, an amazing 35% discount off brand-new Nintendo Switch games which are really pricey. I usually buy them second-hand, but this was even cheaper 🥲

Video games may not be your cup of tea, but there are lots of other stuff you could buy on eCapitaMall with eCapitaVouchers. I can’t wait for 12/12!


The CapitaCard is an amazing card when they have promos like this, and I think this is at least the third time this year they’ve had such a great promo.

In short:

  • Sign up for Capitacard
  • Buy eCapitaVouchers during the promo period
  • Spend your eCapitaVouchers during sales
  • Enjoy massive savings

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