Get $1 Off Your Hawker Meals… But Please Razer, Fix This Annoying Issue

Razer Pay has been pumping out very good promos over the past few months, likely the best of all wallet apps so far. They had 10 to 20% discount coupons, and recently re-introduced $1 off hawker stall payments. A very useful promo to have, with NETS QR codes accepting Razer Pay among other popular wallet apps getting ubiquitous across hawker centres islandwide.

Promo Details

Sign up for Razer Pay with code SETH88 and get $1 when you verify your account!

To use this promo, you have to go to Coupons, and press Available. You will see $1 OFF Hawkers coupon which you can claim and use at hawker stalls displaying the NETS QR code. The minimum spend is $5 per transaction, and you can claim this coupon 20 times from now until the end of April 2021.

Update: Changed to 2 times from 1st April 2021.

Slight but annoying issue, however:

Displayed amount is confusing to merchants

It’s been a couple of months since I complained about some Razer Pay issues, and to Razer’s credit, most of the major issues are rectified. Wrong deductions have been duly refunded, and they extended the redemption period for Razer Card beta users, among other issues. One nagging problem still remains, and it’s puzzling because it seems like one of the easiest things to fix: its payment confirmation screen.

Unfortunately, the payment confirmation screen still shows the amount after the discount, which can lead to confusing conversations with hawkers. Usually, this issue is quickly resolved if they refer to their own payment terminal, but some hawkers still don’t have that lying around, and you have to explain to them that there’s a $1 discount given by Razer.

How much did I pay to the hawker for this $5.30 meal?

It adds a lot of friction to the payment process, and every other wallet app I know displays information the right way, i.e. showing the total amount the hawker is going to get, discount or otherwise.

It’s a little kink in an otherwise good promotion, and I can’t wait for more discount vouchers from Razer.

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