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Here is an offer only for readers of this site: get an exclusive trading voucher worth US$10 to US$100 on top of the standard sign-up offer. This is Sethisfy readers who used the link below to sign up.

Used my link a while ago to sign up but have yet to fund your account? You too will get the exclusive reward on top of the sign-up offer for new users! Make sure to fund your account now according to the promo details below.

Already happily using Webull? Existing users who have yet to trade options before can also get a trading voucher for executing their first options trade. Rewards for everyone!

Promo details


Bonus Gifts until end of 30th June 2024

Sign up and fund minimum initial of US$2,000 by end of 12th June 2024 and maintain until at least 30th June 2024S$150 vouchers or S$120 cash
Sign up and fund minimum initial of US$10,000 by end of 12th June 2024 and maintain until at least 30th June 2024S$270 vouchers or S$250 cash
First 40 applicantsAdditional
S$150 cash
via PayNow
Terms and conditions apply. ⚠️ Fill up SingSaver Rewards Redemption Form in email to qualify. No form = no reward!

Plus current Webull offer until 3.59PM 1st July 2024

 Register and open account with this link 0 commission trades for US Stocks and ETFs for 31 days
0 subscription fees for mutual funds
Welcome Promo (New Users)A) Deposit ≥US$2,000, complete 3 US buy trades and maintain until 31st July 2024; or

B) Deposit ≥US$10,000, complete 5 US buy trades and maintain until 31st July 2024
A) Get US$80 cash vouchers

B) Get US$400 cash vouchers
Moneybull Interest Booster (New Users) Deposit ≥US$100,0001.8% USD p.a. MoneyBull Interest Booster* for 180 days – up to US$3,500!
Transfer-in Promo
(New and Existing Users)
Participate in Transfer-in Promo and fill out Share Transfer Form

First transfer of shares and maintain for 90 days
a) Transfer US$5,000 worth: get US$50

b) Transfer US$10,000 worth: get US$200

c) Transfer US$50,000 worth: get US$500

b) Transfer US$150,000 worth: get US$1,500

Also get up to US$150 transfer fee subsidy
You can fund the equivalent in Singapore dollars using the rate SGD$1 = US$0.7297

Get 0 platform fee, and trade fractional shares from as low as US$5 per trade. Great for dollar-cost averaging small amounts!

^&*T&Cs Apply. ^Figures shown are based on a 5.2% 7-Day Yield (P.A.) of the USD Cash Fund in Moneybull as of 24 May 2024 plus a 1.8% Moneybull Interest Booster P.A. . Principal is not guaranteed. Returns are not guaranteed and not an indication of future performance. All investments involve risks and are not suitable for every investor. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Terms and conditions:

Last updated: 11th June 2024

Exclusive reward for Sethisfy readers – new or those who have signed up before

Remember, the new user reward plus the exclusive reward for Sethisfy readers apply even if you signed up for your account a while ago but have yet to fund it. That’s one bonus trading voucher worth anywhere from US$10 to US$100, on top of the 8 options vouchers you can get!

All you have to do is to fund S$300 and make at least one buy trade to get your sign-up rewards.

Reward for existing Webull users

If you have already funded your Webull account and received rewards previously, you are not left out. You can get one options trading voucher if you have not previously traded options on Webull, and make your first options trade.

Make sure you go to Menu → My Rewards → In transit → Participate Now → Participate in the Options Trade promo before you make your first option trade.

Attractive rewards on top of useful features

Webull comes with many useful features, the latest of which is Regular Savings Plan which allows you to regularly invest so you can automatically build your portfolio without having to think about it.

Coupled with very low fees and fractional trading, Webull is a very conducive app for one to accumulate wealth through investing, and you get attractive rewards just to try it out.

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