Webull: Fund Any Amount for US$30 to US$1,000, No Trades Required!

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Webull’s September deal is live and it is very fuss-free. Simply sign up below, fund any amount you wish, maintain the funds for 30 days, and you will get anywhere from US$24 to US$800 worth of free shares! There is also no requirement to trade!

Promo details

To qualify, you need to sign up below and open an account before 3.59PM 28th September 2023. You will also need to fund any amount, after which you will qualify for 3 free shares of between US$3 to US$100 each. Update (08/09/2023): upsized to 5 free shares!

You also qualify if you have previously signed up for Webull but have yet to fund the account.

Thereafter, maintain the funds for at least 30 days and you will get additional 5 free shares of between US$3 to US$100 each.

The total value of free shares would receive is hence anywhere from US$24 to US$800 US$30 to $1,000!


Until 3.59PM 31st October 2023

9 days 23 hours 1 minute 36 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this link0 commission trades for US and HK markets for 183 days
0 subscription fees for mutual funds
Fund any amount1 free share– TSLA US$20 each
– AAPL US$50 each
– AMZN US$100 each
– GOOG US$1,000 each
Maintain funds for at least 30 days1 more free share

Get 0% commission and platform fee, and trade fractional shares from as low as US$5 per trade. Great for dollar-cost averaging small amounts!

Last updated 28th September 2023.

Automate your investing with RSP

The RSP feature, or Regular Savings Plan, is exactly what the name describes – you can set aside savings on a regular basis to reach your goals. I’ve mentioned it before and it bears repeating that investing needs to be done automatically so you can build up your portfolio with time.

Moneybull for your spare funds

Cash management solutions are getting increasingly popular these days, and Webull has its own – Moneybull. The cash funds Moneybull is using are Fullerton SGD Cash A for SGD and Fullerton USD Cash A USD Acc for USD funds.

These are highly liquid money market funds that mainly invest in short-term and low-risk debt securities. It is a good place to consider putting your spare funds that you have no plan to invest yet.

I’ll talk more about such instruments soon, so stay subscribed if you want to learn more.

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