Upsized Promo: Get up to S$100 With Syfe Trade

Haven’t tried Syfe? Sign up for a Syfe Trade account and get up to S$100 depending on how much you place as an initial deposit.

Syfe trade has been out for a couple of years now and while they haven’t been aggressive with their marketing, they remain one of the nicer apps to use. Most trading apps can be very complex and scary looking but Syfe Trade has a relatively clean and simple user interface so you would find this a preferred choice if you prioritise simplicity.

Since the last time I talked about Syfe Trade, they’ve added Singapore market trading on top of US market which they launched with.



For new-to-Syfe clients:

ActivitySyfe TradeSyfe Managed Portfolio
(Income+, REIT+, CORE, Custom)
Cash Management
Register and open account with this link  
First deposit S$2,000S$10 3 months fee waiverN/A
First deposit S$5,000S$204 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver
First deposit S$10,000S$405 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver
First deposit S$50,000S$1006 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver

Syfe Cash Guaranteed+ has no management fees. Fee waiver applies to the other portfolios of Syfe Wealth. Terms and conditions apply.

*As of 21st February 2024.

Trading Fees

As far as trading fees go, Syfe Trade isn’t the cheapest compared to other animal-themed apps, but they are already pretty low. There are even free trades even at the lowest tier.

No min.S$50,000 S$250,000S$1,000,000$5,000,000
US2 free trades

per month
US$1.49 per trade thereafter
4 free trades

per month
US$1.49 per trade thereafter
8 free trades

per month
US$1.29 per trade thereafter
10 free trades

per month
US$0.99 per trade thereafter
Unlimited free trades
of trade value,

min. S$1.98 per trade
of trade value,

min. S$1.98 per trade
of trade value,

min. S$1.98 per trade
of trade value,

min. S$1.98 per trade
of trade value,

min. S$1.98 per trade

While Syfe does not take commission for the free trades, there are still regulatory fees that are payable, so do take note of that.

Build up portfolio through auto-investing

My belief is that investing should be done automagically to build up one’s portfolio over time. If left to do on an ad-hoc basis, many people lack the discipline to invest on a continual basis. It is a good thing that Syfe Trade comes with an auto-invest feature so you can set it up once and leave it to help you build up your portfolio. Two free trades should be more than enough to dollar-cost average into exchange-traded funds.

Fuss-free, easy to use app with a deal sweetener

If you want an easy app that as a simple, understandable user interface, Syfe Trade is a great option. The current promo also sweetens the deal and boosts your starting capital. Starting off green is always a good start to one’s investing journey.

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