Tiger Brokers Deal: S$190 Grab Vouchers + Free Shares

Don’t have a Tiger Brokers account yet? Until 3rd January 2024, you can get S$140 of Grab vouchers simply by signing up below and funding any amount. If you fund at least US$1,000 in your first deposit, you get additional S$50 of Grab vouchers and free shares!

Promo details

Tiger Brokers

Until 11.59PM 30th April 2024

1Apply for a Tiger Brokers Account and fill up SingSaver form (use your Tiger Broker account ID for application reference number)⚠️ No form no reward!
2First deposit of at least US$1,000Receive 1x Apple AirPods 3rd Gen with MagSafe charging case (retailing S$274) or S$200 Cash via PayNow
3aIf your first deposit is at least S$300
⚠️ Make sure your first deposit is ≥S$300
Additional US$10 Apple fractional shares² (NASDAQ: AAPL)
3bIf your first deposit of minimum S$1,000 and you complete 5 buy trades
⚠️ Make sure your first deposit is ≥S$1,000
Additional US$30 Apple fractional shares² (NASDAQ: AAPL)
1 sure-win draw attempt
(get free fractional shares valued between US$8.80 to US$888)²
Optional: first 2,000 to activate Auto-SweepGet boosted 8% p.a. returns for 30-day period (up to US$10,000)²
1. SingSaver promo: Tap here for terms and conditions
2. Tiger Brokers promo: Tap here for terms and conditions

Last updated 7th April 2024

The different rewards stack, so an efficient way to get all the rewards would be to:

Sign up with the link above and fill up the SingSaver rewards formRequired step
Deposit at least US$1,000 Get S$190 Grab vouchers + US$10 Apple shares
Do 5 buy trades of >US$1 each (stocks or funds are okay)Additional US$30 Apple shares and a sure-win share valued between S$8.80 to S$888

That’s a whole lot of rewards for a few simple steps.

Tiger Brokers supports fractional shares from as low as US$1 with re which means you shouldn’t have much of a problem completing the buy trades. The fees are reasonably low, and in fact, 4 trades each month are free (assuming each trade is for fractional shares i.e. less than one share).

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